MAC + Prabal Gurung: Ultramarine Pink

MAC tried to break the internet this week with the latest designer collaboration. This time, the company teamed up with Prabal Gurung for a gorgeous holiday collection that is absolutely stunning from the inside out. There are two pieces of bad news with this collection: the prices are high. Like.. HIGH for MAC. And there’s no pro discount so… yeah.


Not that it matters. When MAC debuted it on the internet, fans lost their collective minds and immediately snapped up the most coveted pieces of the collection: the Lipstick and Lipglass in Ultramarine Pink, and the bronzer. The latter is funny because it looks like the same tired matte bronzer that MAC has been pushing for ever and a day. This time, they popped it in a heavy gold colored compact, slapped a $70 price tag on it and … BOOM! Sold out within about an hour. Yep.


I didn’t care for anything beyond the lippies… so that’s what I focused on. Ultramarine Pink is gorgeous. Even with a $30 price tag (really high for MAC… home of the 14.50/9.00 pro lipsticks), the color was gone before many people could click ‘add to bag.’ Turns out, the lipstick and lipglass are worth every penny.

mac3 mac3

The lipstick is exquisite. The formula is creamy, and the color is so saturated that it stains. A little goes a long way. I’d recommend applying it in layers. I went full on out the tube, and honestly it was a bit much. MAC has come a long way in terms of lipglass. I… of the original ‘Oh Baby’ users… remember when lipglass was a hot-sticky-sheer-glittery mess. I didn’t use lipglass for years because it worked better as a lint catcher than an actual gloss. But that has changed. The lipglass is just as pigmented as the lipstick, and isn’t even remotely sticky. It’s absolutely lovely, and a perfect complement to the lipstick (or it can easily be worn alone as a liquid lipstick).



Ultramarine Pink (and the rest of the collection) are now in MAC stores. So if you can find them and you can swing it, these two are totally worth it.

ultramarine pink

2 Replies to “MAC + Prabal Gurung: Ultramarine Pink”

  1. Great pics! I’m seriously thinking of trekking out mac tomorrow and at least swatching these. Of course swatching usually leads to buying, but that price tho…it is still Mac afterall.
    Eh, who am I kidding. If I can get myself to the mall before these sell out, they’ll most likely be coming home with me, lol.

  2. LOL! I understand. These are really good. The packaging is lovely, and the color is saturated. You really don’t need to do too much besides dot these lippies on and rub your lips together. They settle beautifully onto the skin. I wore the lipstick with the Fashion Boost pencil and it really brought out the violet undertones in it. Just gorgeous.

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