FOTD’s with YSL Fusion Ink

I thought about doing a review of Fusion Ink with all manner of swatches and what not, but there’s plenty of info out there in the general sense. So I’ll tell you what works for me. You need the teeniest bit to make it work (basically whatever comes out on the little plastic wand). Best blended with fingers in feathery strokes (like Armani Maestro Fusion). This formula is thin, bonds instantly (sets in about 30 seconds), and stays put with little to no blotting. Powder is actually optional with this foundation.


Coverage is sheer to medium, and can be layered to full. It all depends on how much you layer. This is perfect for oily skin types. I can see it being a problem for drier skins. It bonds so completely that it might cause skin to flake. It’s a bit heavy on the fragrance (cucumber) and alcohol (which is why it’s so drying). If you’re sensitive, steer clear. But if you can handle it, it’s a great foundation. My color is B65:



Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher #3

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Volume de Chanel Mascara

MAC Lip Pencil in Fashion Boost

MAC Lipstick in Ultramarine Pink




  Tom Ford Concealer (Medium)

Tom Ford Blush in Stroked

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette in Cocoa Mirage:

Beige on inner corners

Dark Matte Brown on outer corners

Medium Brown through crease

Eyeko Skinny Eye Liner on lashline

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Tom Ford Lipstick in Twist of Fate (dotted on as stain)

Lip Fusion Gloss in Fresh

MAC + Prabal Gurung: Ultramarine Pink

MAC tried to break the internet this week with the latest designer collaboration. This time, the company teamed up with Prabal Gurung for a gorgeous holiday collection that is absolutely stunning from the inside out. There are two pieces of bad news with this collection: the prices are high. Like.. HIGH for MAC. And there’s no pro discount so… yeah.


Not that it matters. When MAC debuted it on the internet, fans lost their collective minds and immediately snapped up the most coveted pieces of the collection: the Lipstick and Lipglass in Ultramarine Pink, and the bronzer. The latter is funny because it looks like the same tired matte bronzer that MAC has been pushing for ever and a day. This time, they popped it in a heavy gold colored compact, slapped a $70 price tag on it and … BOOM! Sold out within about an hour. Yep.


I didn’t care for anything beyond the lippies… so that’s what I focused on. Ultramarine Pink is gorgeous. Even with a $30 price tag (really high for MAC… home of the 14.50/9.00 pro lipsticks), the color was gone before many people could click ‘add to bag.’ Turns out, the lipstick and lipglass are worth every penny.

mac3 mac3

The lipstick is exquisite. The formula is creamy, and the color is so saturated that it stains. A little goes a long way. I’d recommend applying it in layers. I went full on out the tube, and honestly it was a bit much. MAC has come a long way in terms of lipglass. I… of the original ‘Oh Baby’ users… remember when lipglass was a hot-sticky-sheer-glittery mess. I didn’t use lipglass for years because it worked better as a lint catcher than an actual gloss. But that has changed. The lipglass is just as pigmented as the lipstick, and isn’t even remotely sticky. It’s absolutely lovely, and a perfect complement to the lipstick (or it can easily be worn alone as a liquid lipstick).



Ultramarine Pink (and the rest of the collection) are now in MAC stores. So if you can find them and you can swing it, these two are totally worth it.

ultramarine pink

FOTD: 41

I am now 41 years old. I don’t feel older, and I’m fairly sure that I don’t look older. Or maybe I do. I don’t know. And the best part is, I don’t care.

Since my last post, my yoga classes have been steadily filling. Students now have to make space for other students. Everyone gets up, tries the pose, falls out of it, laughs and tries again. I’ve caught a couple of people bobbing their heads or bodies to the beat of the moment. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for what is unfolding before me. Today, we talked about being ‘enough.’ Sometimes we are so busy trying to want more, be more, get more… that we become ungrateful. We don’t realize that in this moment, in this place, in this pose, we are enough.


Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (Malaga)

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher (#3)

Chanel Accent Blush


Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Palette:

Medium Brown on Lids

Champagne through crease

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Pencil in Bronze (lashline and waterline)

Eyeko Liner (lashline)

Volume de Chanel Mascara


Chanel Lipstick in Fabulous

My heart is full. I am grateful for every year, for every moment, for every breath. Namaste.




Dear Yoga Teacher: YOU SUCK!


This is what I wanted to tell the two women who walked out of my class last night. Since I started teaching at Crunch, an increasing number of people have been coming to class. At first I was concerned because the clients were used to meditation and deep breathing, but not much movement. But my classes are classified as ‘Yoga Sculpt’ — which is more of a power flow. You don’t have to be super strong to take the class (I offer modifications), but you do have to be willing to work.

They were not.

The gym recently added an additional yoga class, since they’re starting to get so popular. Last night was the first day of the new class. When the clients started arriving, I knew I’d have to modify my flow. Many of them started the class by declaring ailments, surgeries, and general discomfort. So I tossed out my original plan, and began to wing it with deep breathing and modified stretches.

One woman lasted 5 minutes. In the time it took me to take a full revolution around the room (I will often scan the room to make sure everyone is comfortable and in the right position), she was packed up and out the door. Okay… no worries.

The other woman lasted about 10 minutes longer. But then I asked the class to inhale and lift their right leg…three legged dog

She snorted and mumbled something. I checked to make sure it wasn’t something urgent (pain, discomfort, ect), but she was in the pose and not waving me down for assistance. Okay.

Then I asked them to flip their dog and take Wild Thing…

wild thing pose…and that was it!

She was over it. She slapped her mat together and huffed out the door. Alrighty then!

I kept on with the class because you can’t stop down the whole operation on account of a couple of people. Plus, I had clients in this class that were much older than these two, with 3 times the charisma and desire to TRY. And in the end, that is all I ask. Every pose is not perfect, or comfortable, or something that you’ll get on the first try. That is why it’s called a PRACTICE. You have to keep working at it… working for it. The strength will come. The flexibility will come. It is not the destination, but the JOURNEY that helps you get the most out of your practice.

Now, having said all that… the truth is that I was more than a little disturbed. I’ve only been teaching professionally for a month or so, and my client list has steadily grown. This is the first time I’d been rejected not once… but twice. We’re not supposed to take anything personal, but damn if I was thinking about that at the moment. It’s not so much that I was upset that they might not like the flow… as I was worried that maybe I hadn’t modified/compromised ENOUGH.

There’s a thought. How much do we adjust to cater to the needs of others? Everything isn’t for everybody. My classes aren’t going to be at the top of everyone’s must do list. Logically, I know that. Emotionally, it’s a different story.

Halfway through the class I had everyone come back to Samastitihi and take stock. I joined them.

samastitihi The truth is, those exits threw me off. I was already ‘winging’ the flow to accommodate some of the newer students.  We still had 30 minutes to go… and with or without those women, the rest of the class wanted to know what came next.

So we went through the rest of the class. And at the end, one of my regulars came up and verbally hi-fived me (she may have suspected that I needed it). I was grateful.

I went to bed last night thinking of what I could have done differently. By the time I fell asleep I realized… it didn’t even matter.