The Gratitude Project: Body Talk

sleepIt’s late enough for me to go to sleep now. I deserve it. After 3+ months of adding new things while trying to maintain old things, I’m worn all the way out.

I got a wild hair about a magazine, and then the damn thing took off. Who knew? I got some help, moved some things around… and it’s still ticking along. But I need to delegate some more because running interference between writers and copy editors is

This week was particularly interesting. I finished XP (Master) training at CorePower Yoga, and was supposed to take this week to get it together. But then another store wanted Habibi, and Crunch had paperwork (lots and lots of paperwork), and I’m running all over the world… answering texts and grabbing the saltiest food I can find along the way.

Not good.

I’m not sure when I slept, but when I did… it was restless. I dreamed about being Charlotte Tilbury Arrives In America: VIP Beauty Launch Event Presented by Nordstrom At The Grovelate, missing deadlines, and screwing up in class. Friday I was supposed to join the Charlotte Tilbury fray… but life got in the way.

Today, I tried again. I was RIGHT.THERE … literally about to turn into the Grove parking lot, when the most amazing migrane on earth smacked me dead between the eyes. I nearly crashed my car. DA HELL man…

My body is like TAKE YOUR BUTT HOME. NOW!!! My mind is whining “But…. CHARLOTTE!” Body didn’t care. Body won.

So I came home, juiced a green remedy to take the pain away, and now I’m about to take my butt to bed. I’m sad about missing Charlotte, not sad that my body gave me a wake up call.

I am Grateful For…

The good sense to know when to have a seat.


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