… still one more class to go before my CorePower Extensions training is done, and I’m already working like I’ve been doing this for the longest time. WTH man…


Yesterday I got a call from a friend, wanting to know if I could come audition within a couple of hours to teach yoga? What? Okay. So I pack up my ‘yoga gear’, throw on a few malas and stride into Crunch Fitness preparing to do my best namaste. It didn’t work. The woman who hired me (yes, I got the job) is more interested in what I can DO, not what I say. Oooookay.

So I launch into my best Warrior 3… and HOLD…


… and hold…

And she blurts out “I like you. You got the job.”

Alrighty then.

Then a whole bunch of other stuff happens. There’s legalities (no touching/adjusting the students!), paperwork (are you a legal resident… what is your mother’s cousin’s firstborn’s second cousin’s name?), and a handshake.

So  here’s the deal:

Twice a week, I’m all about Power Yoga at Crunch Fitness in Northridge.

October 19th, I’m teaming up with Lorna Jane for a (free) Flow in Sherman Oaks. See my Facebook Page for more details.

I’m training to be a ‘Pilates Body’ (more on that later).

I’m booked for private sessions through November.

Habibi Bath & Body is headed to Finland (not me… just some products), and we picked up a new account in Northern California.

Life has changed… things have changed… I have changed.

Here’s to new Adventures!!!!!

4 Replies to “Yo…”

  1. Woot woot, go ‘head nah!! That’s awesome. I remember when you first posted about this and it was just an idea. Now look! You gave birth to a whole new adventure. I’m proud of you, friend-in-my-head 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Helen! It’s a ‘different’ kind of existence… not so structured. I think I like it that way. Everything is moving along really nicely. And I can REALLY pay attention to Habibi, which is key. the company flourishes when I take the time to really nurture it.

  3. Congratulations! Hard work pays off! I ❤️ Habibi Bath & Body. You deserve all the success!!! I’ve made some awesome purchases based on your recommendations on the blog. Thank You Shahada. Wishing you continued success.

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