More Tom Ford & FOTD

The rest of the Tom Ford Fall 14 Makeup Collection arrived…

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Negligee Lipstick
Tom Ford Twist Of Fate Lipstick
Tom Ford Black Cherry Nail Polish

I tried Nude Dip (SHINY! Like… Studio 54 shiny),and Twist of Fate:

The shimmer on this quad is so high, that I’ll likely always pair it with mattes to bring down the ‘disco ball’ effect. I honestly feel like it’s a pass. But that nail polish is EVERYTHING. OMG it’s gorgeous. It looks black under normal light, and lights to a deep aubergine in direct sunlight. Just gorgeous. The lipsticks are a lot ‘lighter’ in texture and finish than they look in the tube. Twist of Fate is surprisingly flattering, even on my warm skin tone (I was worried it might go ashy). Negligee is a perfect rose color on me (FOTD coming).

The must haves in this collection are the blushes (at least Softcore) and the nail polish. You can find dupes of everything, including the eyeshadow. I feel that unless you want to do a Donna Summer Disco tribute, you’d do better with a more muted version of this palette. Plus you’d save nearly $100. Win/Win. 😉

12 Replies to “More Tom Ford & FOTD”

  1. We are twins again today! I was wearing Shiseido Tiger lipstick the other day when you were and today I am trying Nude Dip for the first time. I agree with you. The shimmer is a little too extra for every day IMO. The upper left shade looks like silver on my eyes. The upper right shade kind of blends into my skin and leaves flesh colored frost in its wake. I tried the darkest shade in my outer corner/crease and it’s just okay. I used a soft, warm matte in the crease, MAC Saddle, to balance things out.
    You look pretty, of course, but it’s an eye shadow look I’ve seen on you before so it doesn’t feel that special. The palette is not a must have unless frosty is your go-to look. It’s disappointing when palettes are one-note like this one. At $80+ the palette should stand alone.

  2. I agree. It’s an okay palette, but it is definitely not a must have. Thanks for the compliment! Whoo at being twins! That silvery color is on the innner corners of my eye. You can totally get this same effect with a $5 drugstore palette.

    1. I tried the bottom left shade last night when I got home. The first 3 shades are varying degrees of silver frost on me. They’re not terribly distinguishable as individual shades on my eyes. It just looks like I’m wearing more/less of the same color. My first TF quad and I’m a bit disappointed.

      Interested to see your lipstick posts. I haven’t decided to purchase one yet. Fortunately I have a secret counter that is fully stocked with this collection and an awesome SA.

      1. Oh no! 😦 I’m sorry to hear that Nude Dip is such a huge miss for you. My favorite quads are Cognac Sable and Burnished Amber. This is certainly very VERY low on the list. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the lipsticks are a pass. They’re very pedestrian… Coral and Rose. You can get dupes of those colors anywhere, from just about any brand. My favorite Tom Ford Lippie is Bruised Plum. It’s strong, but I love it. I really feel like the top products in this collection are the blushes and the nail polish.

  3. I figured as much about the lipsticks. Thanks for your honest feedback. Naked Coral lipstick arrived today. I’m hoping it works for me.

  4. I wish I had read your review of Nude Dip before I ordered it. I think this is one time the hype far overshadowed the actual product. I hate wasting my money on makeup. I can’t believe they’re actually selling it on eBay already but double and triple the price. If I paid over the actual retail price and was unhappy, I’d be really mad at myself. Once again thank you for your honesty . It doesn’t very pretty on you though.

    1. Thank you Jazz. Yeah, Nude Dip is such a pass. There’s just no reason to rush out and get it. It’s not only dupeable, you can find BETTER finishes and color payoff in cheaper versions. This collection is meh. Blushes and Nail Polish are awesome. The rest… not so much.

  5. I was totally kicking myself for not getting this one, but now I don’t feel so bad for missing out. I hate all shimmer palettes, I always look for one with a nice mix of shimmers and mattes.

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