Blushed: Tom Ford Cheek Duos A/W 2014

Well, my Tom Ford blush/highlight duos finally got here. I had to stalk the Fed Ex guy, but he finally stopped long enough to deliver my package.

By now you know that Stroked is on the left, and Softcore is on the right. I initially thought those highlighters were identical, but the one in Softcore looks to be a bit cooler and pink tinged. This might have everything to do with its proximity to the blush color; I’ve found that these blushes change depending on what you pair them with. Stroked can be coral, peach or even a bit pink. Sofcore can pull strong burgundy, red, or even brown. It all depends on the pressure and its proximity to surrounding colors on your face.

Tom Ford Stroked Duo
Tom Ford Softcore Duo

These are pretty true swatches. You have to use a light touch with both of these blushes. And only use the highlighters with the fluffiest brush, the lightest touch… or not at all. The shine factor is STRONG. OMG. I had to buff buff buff until I started to look normal again after the first few tries. The highlights also alter the finish of the blushes, and once it’s attached, that shine never goes away. I’d recommend using them alone a few times to get used to the intensity you want, then only adding the highlighter if you want. I cannot say this enough: A VERY LITTLE goes a very long way with these blushes. There is no need for a backup… you’ll have this thing forever.

Stroked: Pulls Peach with Peach Tones
Stroked: Pulls Pink with Pink Tones
Softcore: Pulls Plum/Brown with Red/Neutral Tones

I’m still experimenting with different color combinations. Believe me when I tell you that I used the lightest touch on earth to apply this color. This is a fantastic set… worth it if you can swing it. Color preference is up to you. At the moment, I really prefer Softcore. It’s matte, which makes it a lot more versatile.You can always add shimmer later if you choose.

7 Replies to “Blushed: Tom Ford Cheek Duos A/W 2014”

  1. Ahhhh! I’ve been waiting for your post to see which color you preferred. I ordered Softcore, but got nervous and purchased Stroked the next day lest I miss out. You’re looking beautiful as usual. I like Softcore on you (the fly hat aside) and am sure that it is what I will prefer for myself. Did you get the eye palette? Do you think it would be suitable for your tone?

    1. Thanks Linda! Softcore is definitely my favorite because of the finish. I always prefer a matte or really subtle shimmer. You can always add shimmer later… so it makes the blush more versatile. I’m getting Nude Dip as part of the pre-sale in a few days at Neimans.

  2. I’m just catching up on blog reading and I knew you would have both of these. I waited until the last minute to order and I was only able to get Stroked. I wish I could get Softcore, I think the store on Rodeo has it and I will see if they’ll ship it to me because I do not like going to Rodeo for anything!

  3. You look great! Such a great look. Do you prefer this new foundation forma to the stick? And why don’t the shade names match the earlier formulas? Lol.

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