Hey Guys,

After two weeks of relative calm, the madness begins again. I go into Extended Teacher Training tonight. It’s a shorter program (and a lot less money), and it will build on what I already learned in my initial training. This is the part I’m most looking forward to because we’ll dive deeper into sequencing, choreography, and really caring for the body.

Meanwhile, I’ve been toying with the Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation and the MUFE Artist Shadows with fantastic results:

Now onto this Tom Ford madness. I ordered the new blushes from the Tom Ford website (they had it first) on August 26th. For the first few days, the status was ‘Picking’. I had no idea what that meant, so I picked up the phone to ask about it. It took me about 10 tries to get a human being, and a few times on ridiculous holds to get someone to answer my question.

Meanwhile, the Fall Collection had become available on other sites, so I asked if I could cancel my order. ALL OF A SUDDEN, my order magically changed from ‘Picking’ to ‘Processing’ and I was told that I couldn’t reverse the order once it had gone into processing. How convenient.

I got a shipment notification the next day, and so I waited patiently on Saturday (delivery date) for my lovely blushes. I’m not sure what Fed Ex is playing at, but no one ever showed up at my door. So I check the tracking information, and it says BUSINESS CLOSED: WILL ATTEMPT TO REDELIVER THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY. Ummm… okay. I was here. Neither I nor my high strung dogs (who bark at everything that moves) heard or saw anyone come to the door. It was a nice day, so the front windows were open. Suffice to say that between the 4 of us, someone would have noticed a Fed Ex guy coming to the door.

Now I have a delivery date for Wednesday. The last time I checked, today (Tuesday) was the next business day since Monday was a holiday. I start doing some digging and I find out that plenty of people have had this ridiculous experience. One woman paid a pretty penny for a purse that she is still waiting on weeks later.

And here’s the best part: You have to sign for it, you can’t have it shipped to another address, and you can’t pick it up at the Fed Ex location. All of those options have been removed for shipments from TomFord.com. What a pain.

Suffice to say that I will never go through this website again. I expect better customer service, and at least a person on the other end of the line with enough common sense to handle things without tripping over her words and putting me on hold forever and a day.

All this hassle for a couple of blushes. SMH. I should have just called Gabi and had her handle it from Neiman Marcus. I would have had them by now, without half the headache.

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