FOTD: Negligee

I wore Tom Ford’s Negligee Lipstick for the first time. These colors are really NOT remarkable. They’re soft and pretty, but easily dupeable, particularly at $50 a pop.


Givenchy Teint Couture (Elegant Amber)

Charlotte Tilbury Retocher (#3)

Chanel Blush in Tempting Beige


Burberry Eyeshadow in Pale Barley (lids)

Eyeko Liner (lashline)

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara


Tom Ford Lipstick in Negligee


So I taught my first solo yoga class on Saturday here:

It was FUN! After panic attacks every day leading up to the day, I finally relaxed and was like ‘Screw it… let’s do some yoga!’ It worked out. All of the students said they felt worked out AND stretched out, and that’s what I was going for. Hopefully, they caught a little ‘peace’ and ‘enlightenment’ along the way. When I taught again on Sunday, three of my coaches were in the room and they said that I’ve changed everything about my teaching style (in a very very VERY good way) from the last time they were in a class with me (a week ago). So I think that my solo class did the trick. I just had to relax and get it out of my system and move on. Mission Accomplished.

I wore these:

deer-medicine-side…and I will NEVER wear them to teach again. They’re awesome to look at, but they’re made of recycled plastic. That means (at least for me), they do NOT breathe. They were beyond gross by the time I finished teaching. I think they’re cute for tucking yourself in the back of a studio and practicing, but they kind of smell like warmed rubber (like if you left a barbie doll out in the hot sun all day). That’s not cute when I’m getting close to folks and talking to them about proper alignment.

By the end of the class, I’d convinced some of my more skeptical students that I was worth the 60 minutes they dedicated to practice. Many of them came up to me after class to discuss more yoga (and more teaching opportunities), so I’ll go ahead and call this a WIN! 🙂 The manager at the center invited me to come back and teach any time. I’m feeling pretty good right now.

More Tom Ford & FOTD

The rest of the Tom Ford Fall 14 Makeup Collection arrived…

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Negligee Lipstick
Tom Ford Twist Of Fate Lipstick
Tom Ford Black Cherry Nail Polish

I tried Nude Dip (SHINY! Like… Studio 54 shiny),and Twist of Fate:

The shimmer on this quad is so high, that I’ll likely always pair it with mattes to bring down the ‘disco ball’ effect. I honestly feel like it’s a pass. But that nail polish is EVERYTHING. OMG it’s gorgeous. It looks black under normal light, and lights to a deep aubergine in direct sunlight. Just gorgeous. The lipsticks are a lot ‘lighter’ in texture and finish than they look in the tube. Twist of Fate is surprisingly flattering, even on my warm skin tone (I was worried it might go ashy). Negligee is a perfect rose color on me (FOTD coming).

The must haves in this collection are the blushes (at least Softcore) and the nail polish. You can find dupes of everything, including the eyeshadow. I feel that unless you want to do a Donna Summer Disco tribute, you’d do better with a more muted version of this palette. Plus you’d save nearly $100. Win/Win. 😉

Nailing Louboutin: Very Prive & Khol

I just had to.

Louboutin Very Prive
Louboutin Khol

Forgive my raggedy cuticles. These polishes are awesome. Now… they are not necessary. But they are lovely to have. The formula is thinner than Rouge Louboutin, which is more like a lacquer. The quality is on par with OPI, which is not necessarily a bad thing (I use OPI all the time). The staying power is about the same too (Chanel, are you listening? Do better). Very Prive reminds me a lot of Chanel Rouge Noir… maybe a teeny bit brighter. This picture was taken in direct sunlight, so the color looks a lot brighter than it would under a regular indoor light or out of direct sun. Khol is a dead ringer for OPI Black Onyx. That’s a fabulous comparison, considering the fact that Black Onyx is one of the better black polishes on the market. Better than Butter London (Union Jack Black), Deborah Lippman (Fade to Black) and Chanel (Black Satin).

I love these. The other colors are cool, but these are the ones that I really wanted. I believe that my Louboutin Nail Collection is complete… at least for now.

Yoga, Makeup, Life

So, getting on with the BUSINESS of being a yoga teacher is … something. I’m learning as I go. Insurance, CPR Certification (what if someone passes out?), YogaAlliance Registration:

… and so on. Meanwhile, I’ve been testing out the Tom Ford Blushes (and foundation and concealer) with fantastic results. Well, maybe all but the concealer. It’s really not all that great to me. It doesn’t hold a candle to Charlotte Tilbury’s Retoucher in terms of application or performance. Tom Ford opted for the most horrid and unsanitary sponge applicator for the concealer… just gross.

But the foundation is lovely. It’s weightless and the smallest amount layers from medium to full coverage beautifully.

Foundation and Concealer are Tom Ford (Caramel & Medium). Powder is Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder (yellow), and Blush is Tom Ford duo in Stroked.


Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows:

Vanilla on lids/browbone

Iridescent Lavender through the crease

Black Rose along lashline and outer crease

Dior It-Lash Mascara


Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Tiger

Blushed: Tom Ford Cheek Duos A/W 2014

Well, my Tom Ford blush/highlight duos finally got here. I had to stalk the Fed Ex guy, but he finally stopped long enough to deliver my package.

By now you know that Stroked is on the left, and Softcore is on the right. I initially thought those highlighters were identical, but the one in Softcore looks to be a bit cooler and pink tinged. This might have everything to do with its proximity to the blush color; I’ve found that these blushes change depending on what you pair them with. Stroked can be coral, peach or even a bit pink. Sofcore can pull strong burgundy, red, or even brown. It all depends on the pressure and its proximity to surrounding colors on your face.

Tom Ford Stroked Duo
Tom Ford Softcore Duo

These are pretty true swatches. You have to use a light touch with both of these blushes. And only use the highlighters with the fluffiest brush, the lightest touch… or not at all. The shine factor is STRONG. OMG. I had to buff buff buff until I started to look normal again after the first few tries. The highlights also alter the finish of the blushes, and once it’s attached, that shine never goes away. I’d recommend using them alone a few times to get used to the intensity you want, then only adding the highlighter if you want. I cannot say this enough: A VERY LITTLE goes a very long way with these blushes. There is no need for a backup… you’ll have this thing forever.

Stroked: Pulls Peach with Peach Tones
Stroked: Pulls Pink with Pink Tones
Softcore: Pulls Plum/Brown with Red/Neutral Tones

I’m still experimenting with different color combinations. Believe me when I tell you that I used the lightest touch on earth to apply this color. This is a fantastic set… worth it if you can swing it. Color preference is up to you. At the moment, I really prefer Softcore. It’s matte, which makes it a lot more versatile.You can always add shimmer later if you choose.


Hey Guys,

After two weeks of relative calm, the madness begins again. I go into Extended Teacher Training tonight. It’s a shorter program (and a lot less money), and it will build on what I already learned in my initial training. This is the part I’m most looking forward to because we’ll dive deeper into sequencing, choreography, and really caring for the body.

Meanwhile, I’ve been toying with the Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation and the MUFE Artist Shadows with fantastic results:

Now onto this Tom Ford madness. I ordered the new blushes from the Tom Ford website (they had it first) on August 26th. For the first few days, the status was ‘Picking’. I had no idea what that meant, so I picked up the phone to ask about it. It took me about 10 tries to get a human being, and a few times on ridiculous holds to get someone to answer my question.

Meanwhile, the Fall Collection had become available on other sites, so I asked if I could cancel my order. ALL OF A SUDDEN, my order magically changed from ‘Picking’ to ‘Processing’ and I was told that I couldn’t reverse the order once it had gone into processing. How convenient.

I got a shipment notification the next day, and so I waited patiently on Saturday (delivery date) for my lovely blushes. I’m not sure what Fed Ex is playing at, but no one ever showed up at my door. So I check the tracking information, and it says BUSINESS CLOSED: WILL ATTEMPT TO REDELIVER THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY. Ummm… okay. I was here. Neither I nor my high strung dogs (who bark at everything that moves) heard or saw anyone come to the door. It was a nice day, so the front windows were open. Suffice to say that between the 4 of us, someone would have noticed a Fed Ex guy coming to the door.

Now I have a delivery date for Wednesday. The last time I checked, today (Tuesday) was the next business day since Monday was a holiday. I start doing some digging and I find out that plenty of people have had this ridiculous experience. One woman paid a pretty penny for a purse that she is still waiting on weeks later.

And here’s the best part: You have to sign for it, you can’t have it shipped to another address, and you can’t pick it up at the Fed Ex location. All of those options have been removed for shipments from What a pain.

Suffice to say that I will never go through this website again. I expect better customer service, and at least a person on the other end of the line with enough common sense to handle things without tripping over her words and putting me on hold forever and a day.

All this hassle for a couple of blushes. SMH. I should have just called Gabi and had her handle it from Neiman Marcus. I would have had them by now, without half the headache.