FOTD: The Graduate

So this happened:

I graduated! We got this non-slip yoga mat during the ceremony… CorePower’s way of saying ‘good job!’ There were tons of smiles, lots and lots and LOTS of tears. I cried off all my makeup. Dammit. But I was kinda cute before the waterworks started. Observe:

So the training has wreaked ALL KINDS OF HAVOC on my skin. Not to worry, I promise you that I’m setting this madness straight with a peel. Maybe this weekend. My skin is so rude. Just cystic pimples and spots… THE SPOTS. Friggin’ hyperpigmentation. You know what? Not cute. I promise all will be well soon. Hmph.

In the meantime, I used Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation to even out the madness. That stuff is GENIUS. My color is Caramel (thank you to my girl Gabi for matching me sight unseen!). There was no time on Earth to go to a store and look at it so I had Gabi just take a look, and pick out my color. Stuff’s PERFECT. So weightless, and very easily buildable (without looking like you built anything). Ya’ll have no idea how many spots I had to deal with. And the brows… oh the brows. My tech was sick the day before graduation, so I had to see about making them work myself. I know… #lagirlproblems. So raggedy. But lookit, this was a big deal and I wanted to look my best.

Teacher Training kicked my butt, wrung me out, and hung me up to dry. But I’m a million times better for it. It has changed everything about me that I thought I knew, and had made me so excited for the journey ahead. I’m going for Extensions (advanced training) in a few weeks. If ya’ll thought I was frazzled now…

This time, I’m keeping a peel handy (I haven’t used it in so long that I lost it and had to order another bottle) to take care of this skin. I love the foundation, But I really want to wear less of it, so that more of me can truly shine through.


12 Replies to “FOTD: The Graduate”

  1. Congratulations!! You are such an inspirational person. YOU SAID you wanted to do this and YOU MADE it happen. I don’t know you like that but I feel so proud for you. Best luck and many blessings on the rest of your journey. And you look gorgeous so don’t even worry about those “spots”.

  2. Congratulations Sha!!! This is such a wonderfully huge accomplishment! May the world of Holistic Wellness continue to recieve you with open hearts, bodies, and minds!!! You are a PHENOMINAL WOMAN!!!

  3. Congrats! Your skin looks great despite the problems that you’ve had. I’m going through the same darn thing. I’ve got pimples in places where I never breakout (my cheeks and forehead). Now I need full coverage foundation 😦

    I really want to try that TF foundation but doubt that my budget will allow it.

  4. Thank you Meka! The Tom Ford Foundation is a total investment… so I get it. Now, instead of a full coverage foundation, just apply a thin later as you always would. Then take a fluffy crease brush and dust the ‘tiniest’ amount over the hot spots. It will add an extra layer to that spot without you having to cover your entire face in a mask. Plus it looks a LOT more natural. It takes a little extra time, but the results are worth it!

  5. I’ll give that a try tomorrow. One of the spots is just under my cheekbone and no matter what I do to conceal the spot, usually dab Nars creamy concealer on it, my blush brush wipes it away. Today, I didn’t put on blush and you can’t see the spot.

    Have a good weekend!

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