Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish: First Impressions

Put me down as one of the people who had to find out… in person.. what makes a $50 nail polish. When Rouge Louboutin went on presale at Saks, I was first in line. Here’s the thing: Normally a designer or ‘name’ will slap their signature on a regular bottle of nail polish, and the nailphiles will pony up $30 for it without question. What makes this latest effort so unique is … well… everything.

photo 1(2)Saks sent me this awesome box (the polish bottle is so awkward, that it doesn’t come in a box). I appreciated it. Because when I actually opened it, I understood the reason for the protective packaging.


Look at this thing. It measures 8 1/2 inches from top to bottom. The base is 2 inches all the way around. The top is (appropriately), a 6-inch stiletto. Kudos on this packaging. Really. It’s absolutely amazing. The ‘Louboutin’ logo is black on black, so you can’t really see it in pictures. It’s just a ‘raised’ impression. It’s subtle, which is kind of necessary after all this bottle design rigamoro. Suffice to say you will NOT be tossing this into the bottom of your purse and carting it to the nearest nail salon. This is meant to be displayed on some awesome vanity. It’s truly in a league of its own.

rouge2I thought that all this design drama would mean that the polish would be a beast to apply. Not so. The handle (and the bottle) is weighted, so you can actually use it with relative ease. I’d steer clear of polishing your nails in a small space (removes the potential of banging that handle into something), but otherwise it really works well.rougerouge1I had no issues putting a couple of coats on my nail. The other thing worth talking about is the actual FORMULA. It’s good. It’s thicker, and really more like a lacquer than a standard nail polish. I dare say you probably won’t need two coats of this polish. I did just one and found that it was quite enough. The color is a strong, solid candy apple red. I know it’s meant to imitate the red on the bottom of the Louboutin shoe, but I think that it’s a little brighter than that in reality. At least it is on me. If you’re down for a good, standard red in a fabulous package, then this is a cool little addition. It’s a great display piece. I like it.

You can find out more about Rouge Louboutin HERE.

*More colors will be added later this year.


4 Replies to “Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish: First Impressions”

  1. LOL! Alas, I did not squeal. I was more curious about the Saks box because up until I opened it, I thought the polish came in its own box. The initial pictures are also misleading. I think we all thought the bottle would be more of a crystal type dealie.

  2. It’s a great color and very interesting packaging, but I just can’t justify spending $50 for a nail polish.. I’ll just admire it from behind my screen 😛

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