FOTD: MUFE First Purple

I dug in to the MUFE Artist Shadows and … OMG. A little goes a long way. I spent some time ‘buffing out’ the darker colors. They are very pigmented. There is no ‘packing’ needed with the colors. Go light, and layer accordingly. Trust me… you’ll thank me later.


Tom Ford Perfecting Foundation (Caramel)

Tom Ford Concealer Pen (Medium)

Guerlain Sun Celebration (pink side) Bronzer/Blush


MUFE Artist Shadow in Black Rose (lids/under outer waterline)

MUFE Artist Shadow in Lavender (inner corner)

MUFE Artist Shadow in Wheat (blended through crease)

MUFE Artist Liner in Metallic Bronze (waterline)

Dior It-Lash Mascara


Lipstick Queen Metal Lipstick in Metallic Rose

Professional Grade: MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever decided to flip off the entire beauty industry with one of the biggest eyeshadow launches I’ve ever seen in my makeup life. There are 210 of the new Artist Shadows, which promise to change everything you think you know about glide… pigmentation… and performance.

I went to the official launch party in Beverly Hills last night, to see what was what.

There was a panel of experts (including the incomparable Ve Neil) to answer questions about the shadows, and the overall quality of good professional makeup.

They laid out all 210 shadows for us to play in. Most of them are EXCELLENT. A few of them (specifically the diamond finish) can be a bit of a chore to work with. The shimmer hits your skin before the color, which can cause the color to streak or skip. These shadows are also not as smooth or creamy as the mattes or shimmers. That’s likely due to the nature of the shadow mix (anyone remember NARS Tropic?). I have no idea why companies keep insisting on shoving giant chunks of glitter into matte formulas. I’ve yet to see anyone do it successfully. Okay, maybe Tom Ford. But still.

Two lovely models were painted head to toe to show us the true versatility of the shadows.



The pigmentation is really off the charts. Most of the shadows swatch like this:

That’s one swipe. The formula is fabulous. Reminds me of the Lorac Pro Palette in terms of ‘creamy’ feel. They did a fantastic job with the glide and color saturation. All but those friggin’ glitter shadows…

Each of us went home with what might be the most well thought out  makeup gift I’ve gotten in .. well.. ever. Most of the time you get some random stuff (overstock) or sample sizes that you’ll never use (or every product that Proctor & Gamble ever made… like there was a fire sale at Walgreens) tossed into a bag. But for this event, we received a box set of 30 shadows (actually 26 shadows and four blushes… although most MUFE color is interchangeable), to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary. We also received four aqua-matic pencils (in colors that most people will actually use), four single shadows, a 3-well palette, and a single palette (to deposit said singles). Not too shabby.

MUFE Artist Shadows are available at Sephora, MAKE UP FOR EVER store locations, and my local beauty supply stores (yippee!).

FOTD: The Graduate

So this happened:

I graduated! We got this non-slip yoga mat during the ceremony… CorePower’s way of saying ‘good job!’ There were tons of smiles, lots and lots and LOTS of tears. I cried off all my makeup. Dammit. But I was kinda cute before the waterworks started. Observe:

So the training has wreaked ALL KINDS OF HAVOC on my skin. Not to worry, I promise you that I’m setting this madness straight with a peel. Maybe this weekend. My skin is so rude. Just cystic pimples and spots… THE SPOTS. Friggin’ hyperpigmentation. You know what? Not cute. I promise all will be well soon. Hmph.

In the meantime, I used Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation to even out the madness. That stuff is GENIUS. My color is Caramel (thank you to my girl Gabi for matching me sight unseen!). There was no time on Earth to go to a store and look at it so I had Gabi just take a look, and pick out my color. Stuff’s PERFECT. So weightless, and very easily buildable (without looking like you built anything). Ya’ll have no idea how many spots I had to deal with. And the brows… oh the brows. My tech was sick the day before graduation, so I had to see about making them work myself. I know… #lagirlproblems. So raggedy. But lookit, this was a big deal and I wanted to look my best.

Teacher Training kicked my butt, wrung me out, and hung me up to dry. But I’m a million times better for it. It has changed everything about me that I thought I knew, and had made me so excited for the journey ahead. I’m going for Extensions (advanced training) in a few weeks. If ya’ll thought I was frazzled now…

This time, I’m keeping a peel handy (I haven’t used it in so long that I lost it and had to order another bottle) to take care of this skin. I love the foundation, But I really want to wear less of it, so that more of me can truly shine through.


Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish: First Impressions

Put me down as one of the people who had to find out… in person.. what makes a $50 nail polish. When Rouge Louboutin went on presale at Saks, I was first in line. Here’s the thing: Normally a designer or ‘name’ will slap their signature on a regular bottle of nail polish, and the nailphiles will pony up $30 for it without question. What makes this latest effort so unique is … well… everything.

photo 1(2)Saks sent me this awesome box (the polish bottle is so awkward, that it doesn’t come in a box). I appreciated it. Because when I actually opened it, I understood the reason for the protective packaging.


Look at this thing. It measures 8 1/2 inches from top to bottom. The base is 2 inches all the way around. The top is (appropriately), a 6-inch stiletto. Kudos on this packaging. Really. It’s absolutely amazing. The ‘Louboutin’ logo is black on black, so you can’t really see it in pictures. It’s just a ‘raised’ impression. It’s subtle, which is kind of necessary after all this bottle design rigamoro. Suffice to say you will NOT be tossing this into the bottom of your purse and carting it to the nearest nail salon. This is meant to be displayed on some awesome vanity. It’s truly in a league of its own.

rouge2I thought that all this design drama would mean that the polish would be a beast to apply. Not so. The handle (and the bottle) is weighted, so you can actually use it with relative ease. I’d steer clear of polishing your nails in a small space (removes the potential of banging that handle into something), but otherwise it really works well.rougerouge1I had no issues putting a couple of coats on my nail. The other thing worth talking about is the actual FORMULA. It’s good. It’s thicker, and really more like a lacquer than a standard nail polish. I dare say you probably won’t need two coats of this polish. I did just one and found that it was quite enough. The color is a strong, solid candy apple red. I know it’s meant to imitate the red on the bottom of the Louboutin shoe, but I think that it’s a little brighter than that in reality. At least it is on me. If you’re down for a good, standard red in a fabulous package, then this is a cool little addition. It’s a great display piece. I like it.

You can find out more about Rouge Louboutin HERE.

*More colors will be added later this year.


I’m Still Standing…


Two weeks (give or take) to go before the end of Teacher Training. I am… F.R.I.E.D! So many chaturangas… so little time.

My brain hurts, my body hurts, my psyche hurts… but believe me when I tell you that I’ve never been this excited … well, at least not in a really long time. I feel as if I’ve reset. It’s insane. They say approach life with the mind of a child. Well, this training has ripped me open, dumped me out, and put me back together in such a way that I could have never imagined. Everything is new again. I’m a newborn basket case.

When I first looked at the posture series (which we have to memorize), I was like: “Oh this is cute. This is NEVER gonna take.” But one day, it did. I’ve practice taught about a dozen times (a ‘class’ made up of friends/family/people who have never taken yoga), and one day I just started talking and the words came out like I knew them all along. “Inhale, Tadasana…” Who knew?

Now when I first started and my trainers would ask me to call out cues and adjustments… I’d stare at the model’s foot for 10 minutes because I promise you that for the life of me I COULD NOT remember what the hell a friggin’ FOOT was! No, really. My brain just dumped out. It was ridiculous.

Anatomy… Hands-On Adjustments… how not to scare the CRAP out of your students (or bog them down with lofty dogma) and/or injure them in the process…

And that’s just the physical. Other teachers kept saying “Oh, you’re going to be so excited! Your life is going to change!” And I honestly thought it was a bunch of hype… and so I resisted this ‘opening of self’ for a pretty decent amount of time. Then one day, in Warrior 4 (what?), something happened. Maybe I was friggin’ exhausted because the teacher in this particular Level 2 class was treating it like a Level 3/4 and I was barely keeping up. Maybe I was thirsty. Maybe I had a breakthrough.

Who knows?

All I know is, this is AWESOME. And no, I’m not some super yogi… levitating over the Thousand-Point-Lotus. I’m still me. I love makeup, working out, my dogs (even though they really need a psychiatrist. Where is the Dog Whisperer when you need him?), and my insanely awesome husband… who has put up with this rollercoaster of a journey.

I promise not to start speaking in Sanskrit… much. 😉

Two more weeks ya’ll.

Pray for me.