The Gratitute Project: NAMASTE (The Light and Teacher in Me, Honors and Respects the Light and Teacher in You)

So this happened:

yogateacher2I’m going to type this while I’m feeling it (as journaling is part of training). I am in FULL PANIC MODE. Class hasn’t even actually started (tonight is the first class), and I feel like the kid who gets to the top of the rollercoaster just before the big dip and BEGS TO GET OFF. OMG. There has been sweating, nausea, and the most ridiculous adrenaline rush. Is this normal? Probably. Maybe not. I don’t know.

yogateacher3This started with a mention from JQ, who is one of the most transformative teachers I’ve ever been privileged to practice with. She suggested teacher training, and without hesitation I said yes. My response was due in part to a recurring incident: random women at my local gym keep asking me when my classes are (they see me practicing in the dance studio). This happens a LOT. I took it as a sign from the universe. But right now, I’m thinking WITEF was I thinking??????????????????????

yogateacher5 yogateacher4I see these images and I’m like YES, go for it! Do it! Be The Light! OMG…




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