Date Night… In Pictures

So Hubby and I went here:

To see this:

For the occasion, I did this:

And wore this:

But not with those shoes. I prefer these:

More comfortable. Trust me.

So we got there and sat here:

We ate too much… and didn’t care.

We ran into:

…who gave us the ‘nod’ and raised his glass. Which caused my husband to geek out. Hey, it’s the little things.

We got lost trying to find the bathroom, and ran into Mr. Reiner again (at which point I’m sure he thought we were stalking him), and got a smile with teeth this time for our troubles.

Then we took the long way home and drove slow through:

…and reminded ourselves not to take our lives for granted.

It was a great date, and a great night.



2 Replies to “Date Night… In Pictures”

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely evening with us. Your makeup is lovely. Your pants and shoes are everything! What a great theater in which to watch a film. And running into Rob Reiner twice? Perfect!

  2. Thanks Jazz! I’m a bit of a shoe fiend… but I like to be comfortable. I can’t suffer ‘too much’ for beauty! LOL We’re definitely going back soon. We had a great time.

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