Fitness Follies: INJURY!


It appears that my body is trying to tell me something. About a month ago, I noticed a dull ache behind my right hip post-run. I was worried for a whole second, but then the pain went away so I kept on going. As time has gone on… the pain has gone from a dull ache to a roaring burn, and it affects my walking if I sit for too long. I noticed that if I’m mobile, there’s no pain. But as soon as I sit down and try to get back up… PROBLEM. Yesterday I was limping like I needed crutches. Dammit.

So I head out to talk to the experts, and find out that it’s not my IT Band (first assumption), but likely bursitis. Say what? Yep. Because I don’t have a lot of ‘meat’  behind my hip (it’s mostly tendons), that area is prone to injury with repeated impact (running) if I don’t constantly stretch it out.

So what can I do?

This is the most common stretch, and it feels amazing when I do it. I like to lean up against a wall to really get into the area. I talked to my yogi, and found out that half pigeon (not full pigeon) will do the trick as well, as long as I make sure to relax my booty and really get oxygen in there…

Today, after stretches and lots of half pigeon last night, I’m walking normally on both legs. There is still a little ache if I push into the area, but otherwise it looks like I’m on the road to recovery. There will be (lots) more stretching in the coming days, weeks… forever. And for now, I’m laying off the pavement and running on a treadmill only twice a week (maybe once) until I’m fully healed.

I’ve been advised to pick up a ‘restorative’ yoga class as well. Doing that tonight.

Here’s to being whole again.


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