Lashing Out: Geisha Ink Mascara

The weather is heating up around here (a LOT) and this is about the time that I start testing mascaras that do all the things that waterproof mascaras do, without turning my lashes into stiff spikes. I personally am not a fan of waterproof mascaras, but because my skin is so oily, it’s difficult to find a mascara in hot weather that will actually stand up to the challenge.

Enter Geisha Ink:

On The Outside: I need them to work a little harder on the packaging. I don’t mind the box, but that little plastic wrap around the tube is tacky as all get out. And would it kill them to get a black top to match the tube? Even drugstore brand tubes are opaque. That sheer tube really takes away from the overall presentation. Not a fan.

On The Inside: This is a ‘tubing’ mascara, not unlike Fiberwig or Kiss Me. This mascara is more expensive than those two ($30), so I was curious to see if the performance justified the price. I feel like, if you’re going to charge Volume de Chanel prices, then I need to see Volume de Chanel lashes.

This mascara does one better. These are my lashes in the mascara, WITH NO CURLING. I have typical curved lashes… not curly. They always have to be curled before mascara application. Not with Geisha Ink. I can put this mascara on and it automatically sends my lashes upward. Two coats, and I’m good to go. This formula is ever so slightly prone to clumpy, and the wand picks up a LOT of product (the bristles are very dense), so I’d recommend pulling off some of the product before application. Otherwise I love it.

Now, if they could just work on that packaging…

You can find out more about Geisha Ink Mascara HERE.


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