Fitness Follies: Name That Pose

A recent yoga class had me in all manner of inversions. I set my intention/begged for Grace, and began the practice with a series of arm balances.

So the teacher tells us to get warmed up by flowing into Crow Pose… instantly we all confidently curl our bodies and end up like this:

My teacher smiles and asks us again to flow into CROW. So we come back down, and go back up… same pose.

She says: “I see that the class is fond of FLYING FROG, where the knees are outside of the arms. But I’d like to see CROW. Please make sure your knees are parallel with the back of the arms. Now… please flow into Crow Pose.”

I sit on my booty and contemplate this. So… I’ve been doing it wonky all this time? And I’m just finding out? SMH! Breathe…

So I get back up and try again. Makes a HUGE difference when your knees are tucked firmly into the back of your arms (or for my more advanced counterparts, up into your armpits). Hurts too! Now my triceps are in traction… OMG. So my next lesson is on pulling the weight ‘up’ so that I’m not digging into the back of my arms. Baby steps…

After class, I talk to my teacher about the difference. Apparently, confusing Crow with Flying Frog is common. She mentions that she’d like to see me in the ‘Yoga Boot Camp’ and an ‘Inversion Intensive.’ I’m wondering if she’s mistaken me for one of my more graceful classmates, because I’m sure I looked all kinds of crazy in class. But she’s smiling and insisting and I find myself saying yes.

I’m not really sure what I just agreed to.

Ya’ll pray for me… and the back of my arms.

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