Tom Ford Summer 2014 SWATCHES



As you can see, the highlight is warm and perfectly complements my warm skin tone. The blush is a coral-pink color and is highly pigmented. A little goes a long way.


LOVE the eyeshadows! The shimmer portion is like many other Tom Ford Shimmers… best applied last with fingers. Or you can use it alone for an all over ‘wet’ look on the eyelids. The taupe color is cool and complementary to a wide range of skin tones. It adds more ‘depth’ than color. That blue is AMAZING. So pigmented. I ruined a Hakuhodo brush (white head) swatching it… but I wanted to get the true representation of the color. It’s awesome. And now I forever have a ‘teal’ colored brush head on that Hakuhodo brush.


Although it goes on a pinkish gold color, it blends out to a ‘flesh toned’ highlight. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s very friendly to oily skin… drying down to a complete matte texture ‘without’ a an actual matte finish. So while you glow as if you’ve got some kind of sheen on your skin, your skin is actualy dry to the touch. Genius. I used it alone yesterday (no foundation) and everyone kept telling me how ‘luminous’ my skin was. A little goes a long way. This is such a must have for me.


And the Lip Shimmers. Like I said, nothing special. You can really just go with a cheaper brand and get the same effect.

Overall, good collection. Love that it’s small. Get the Illuminator. Skip the lip shimmers… and if your heart desires… get that palette. It’s such a gorgeous piece.

Hope that was helpful… Ciao for now!

4 Replies to “Tom Ford Summer 2014 SWATCHES”

  1. The swatches are beautiful! I’m so sold on the illuminator and especially that it looks good without foundation, i’ve only been wearing moisturizer and concealer underneath my eyes with a little set powder and I wanted some kind of glow without going to all out with foundation… so thanks for swatching!!

    1. Thanks Lily! I think you’ll love the Illuminator, especially if you’re going regularly without foundation. It’ll look good with just a little dusting of powder on top, then you’re good to go!

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