Tom Ford Summer 2014

tomfordsummerTom Ford would like us all to take a vacation, in most luxurious style. The Summer Collection is small (my wallet thanks you Mr. Ford), but effective. The large (and extremely luxurious) palette covers face and eyes, the Illuminator (worth a backup) covers skin, and the illuminating sticks cover the entire face.

tomfordsummer1I tried to choose. I did. But in the end… I had to have everything.

See how big that palette is? Armani should take note. If you’re going to release a face and eye palette and charge a small fortune for it… MAKE IT UNIQUE. Well… as unique as possible. I’d be lying if I said that this palette doesn’t remind me of a more elegant version of something that Michael Kors would do. It’s flat and wide and not day to day portable. But then, it’s not supposed to be. This is something you pull out of a one-of-a-kind bag on some remote island that can only be accessed by private jet.

That blush is corally-pink and shows up wonderfully on my warm skin tone. Ditto for the highlighter.

If you get nothing else from this collection, get the Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust. I’m so serious. Talk about a universal beautifer. I’ve put this on the high points of my face, on my entire face, mixed with foundation… you can’t really do anything WRONG with this illuminator. ‘Cept maybe eat it. Don’t eat it. You probably won’t glow from within.

The illuminating sticks in Solar Gold and Moonlight are not as good (or as bad) as they could be. They’re meant to enhance the face, including the lips… but honestly they’re just glorified shimmer sticks. They don’t work well for the face (sticky), and they’re a nice addition to lipsticks but certainly not a must have. You can get cheaper versions that are just as effective.

Overall, I like this collection. And with the exception of the sticks (overpriced and can honestly be skipped), Tom Ford did good with this one. The palette is actually awesome. A lot of seasonal palettes are great in presentation but short on performance. Not this one. It’s worth it. Use that blue for the crease or lashline (or buff it out with the shimmer and you’ll be a happy camper. And Fire Lust… OMG. I think I’m getting a backup.

Swatches to come. Ciao for now!

6 Replies to “Tom Ford Summer 2014”

  1. Will you be writing another post with swatches, I would love to see how the skin illuminator looks on your skin!

    1. Yes Ma’am! I’m putting up swatches in the next post. I broke them up (and likely will be) because I feel that sometimes swatches can get lost in an overall haul/review post.

  2. That eye/face palette is seriouly gorgeous! I’m dying to see some swatches, especially of the blue color. Is the color as pigmented as it looks in the pan?

    The illuminator is so pretty, but as an oily gal I haven’t quite figured out how to use illminating products without looking like a greasy disco ball 😦 Any tips?

  3. That palette is seriously amazing. I’ll show you just how pigmented those colors are in swatches.

    Most really good illuminators are ‘not’ greasy looking or feeling. This one is no exception. This one is gel based (like the primer version from Guerlain, and the one from Kevyn Aucoin). This version goes on and ‘dries down’ because of the formulation. It doesn’t react to oil, and will not break on oily skin. It’s possible to look ‘illuminated’ without looking greasy. Just remember that less is more. Hit the high points of your face, then put a translucent powder over that area so that the illuminator still shows through but doesn’t look ‘shiny.’ That way you ‘glow’ without looking greasy.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. You are so right about Tom Ford Summer Collection. I love the eyeshadow palette and the Illuminator I missed out last summer. I need a backup also. Now the lip products I passed because I feel that they wasn’t worth it and since I already pick up some of the lip sheers from the Spring Collection. Tom Ford did an excellent job on this collection. Always enjoy your blog.

  5. Yeah, the Illuminator is doing all things good. I can’t believe how flattering it is. I honestly thought it was going to go ‘pink’ on my warm skin tone, but it does NOT. It’s gorgeous. You’re right about the lippies. They are just glorified lip shimmers, like the ones you can get from a drug store to ‘enhance’ your lip colors. I believe Cover Girl makes a version (which I’m sure works just as well). Definitely not worth the Tom Ford price point.

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