Charlotte Tilbury Eyes (and Bar of Gold): Swatches


I’ve tried the Rock & Kohl pencils and they are fantastic. The slip is like Armani’s version (that they were stupid enough to pull and then smart enough to re-introduce). Utter silk. Glides on beautifully and does NOT MOVE without the help of a very good makeup remover. Fabulous.

So, it appears that Charlotte has gotten the cheese pizza formulation on LOCK. I shall be purchasing the rest of the colors in the very near future.

Shodo pen is good. Not completely fabulous. Just good. If you don’t have a felt tipped liner and want to try it, get it. But if you can swing the By Terry version, that’s a much better option.

LOVE the Brow Lift! Can you tell that I have a brow pencil going through my brows? Yeah, neither can I. Genius. I heavily applied the highlighter so that you could see it. It really doesn’t actually show up in person. Just adds light without the Vegas-Style sheen. Highly recommend this baby. It’s fantastic.

Ugh. That is all.

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