Fragrant Notes: Margiela REPLICA Fragrance Wardrobe

The Margiela REPLICA Fragrance Wardrobe is meant to complement the designer’s clothing line by the same name. The fragrances run the gamut from candy-sweet to dark and smoky. I recently got to try the fragrances in person, and found only two of them that work with my personal chemistry and tastes.

My favorites are Flower Market and Jazz Club.

Flower Market is an unexpected favorite. I am typically NOT a fan of florals. I don’t like cloying sweet smells, and typically shy away from anything featuring a chemically produced floral scent. But this fragrance is fresh and beautiful, and really DOES harken memories of walking through the Flower Mart (for me, in Downtown LA)… possibly in Paris.

Jazz Club is smoky and sexy. This was my first choice because I absolutely love a dark, smoky fragrance. Although this fragrance is classified as ‘masculine’ I find that it works very well with my chemistry. This fragrance ‘warms’ on me, and adjusts throughout the day. Every time I wear it, I get compliments.

Now what’s awesome, is that I can layer these two to get something unique and unexpected. I put Jazz Club on the bottom, then layer Flower Market on top after about 60 seconds. The result is nothing short of amazing. I find it funny (and fitting) that Jazz Club is masculine and Flower Market is feminine. So maybe my spirit is a little bit of both. 🙂

You can find out more about Margiela REPLICA Fragrances HERE.


2 Replies to “Fragrant Notes: Margiela REPLICA Fragrance Wardrobe”

  1. I love Funfair Evening and been wanting to try Beach Walk. I have a sample of Jazz Club, but I think it’s too masculine on me. And I haven’t really been interested in Flower Market.. until now! Maybe I do have to give it a sniff 🙂

    1. Beach Walk dried down really sweet on me. I wasn’t a fan… I prefer Bobbi Brown Beach for that kind of fragrance. Jazz Club is definitely smoky and on the masculine side, but I prefer those kinds of scents. You should give Flower Market a whiff. You might like it. 🙂

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