Lip Service: Ben Nye Lipstick

Now, lets say you don’t feel  like shelling out (or waiting for) a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. Ben Nye is here to the rescue, with a selection of highly pigmented colors that give its more expensive counterparts a REAL run for the money.

There are about 20 colors, for just about any skin tone. I ended up with 5. At $10 a pop, these lipsticks are a steal.


I know. Doesn’t look Plum to me either.

Wild Violet:

Red Coat:



The pigmentation of all of these lipsticks is off the charts. You can use them as a stain (using just your fingers), sheer them out with gloss, or lay them full on from the tube. They are AWESOME. I highly recommend these. Not only is the price point attractive, but the performance is Professional Grade.

You can find out more about Ben Nye Lipsticks HERE.

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