Gear Up: Lorna Jane Athletic Wear

I stumbled upon this brand while headed to Naimies to grab a palette for my little sister. The 20% off sign caught my eye… but a very particular tank top got me inside the store.

Awesome, right? Love it. So I went in for the tank, and totally fell in love with the store. Before that day, I’d never heard of Lorna Jane. I find the line to be very ‘body’ friendly, and the construction is solid (a must for my workout gear). The price point is mid to high (some of the tank tops are $24, but can go as high as $65), but the finishing touches (the ‘determined logo’ on that tank top is raised vinyl) are excellent.

This one brought be back:

So far, I am really loving this brand. The truth will be in the bottoms (I’m notoriously hard on workout bottoms of any kind), so we’ll see how they hold up after I put a few pair through the paces. But on the tops… so far, so very good.

I just need them to have a few more sales more often, because I’ve never been a fan of paying full price for workout gear.

You can find out more about Lorna Jane Athletic Gear HERE.

4 Replies to “Gear Up: Lorna Jane Athletic Wear”

  1. I have been wearing Lorna Jane for several years and love the brand, even though it is pricey. It doesn’t help that there is a store just 5 minutes walk from my home and I pass it regularly on my walks with my dog. He likes to go in as well!

  2. Yes, I went nuts when I first discovered Lorna Jane and have a wonderful workout wardrobe. Like all things beautiful (including makeup) you go a little crazy when you discover something new and wonderful, and then the urge to buy more passes. That is not to say if I see something new and unique I would not consider buying. My items have lasted very well over the last 2-3 years. Enjoy yours!


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