Life Lessons: I am Grateful for…

One of my yoga instructors is working with us on ‘gratitude.’ Even when we’re stressed or pissed off or going through changes, the challenge is to find something that you are grateful for.

So far, it’s been interesting.

I read a quote about humility that I found rather fabulous. It read: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” Sounds cool, right? I thought so too. But the longer I thought about it, the more I became aware of how difficult it is to be humble… in all things.

Take working out:

This is what I feel like when I work out. No, seriously. Call me a product of society, but I am moved by ‘Impossible is Nothing’ and ‘Just Do It’ and the like. I think to some degree, any motivated person is. So I go hard or go home, and then I shove that philosophy into home, love, work, life… everything.

I am Grateful for: The ability to move this body in such a way that I can push it to its limit.

I am humbled by the reality that I have this ability, and recognize such as a gift.


Recently, Yogaworks came calling for Habibi. We were thrilled and honored (and humbled) to partner with them for a series of Trunk Shows. So we contracted, strategized, pooled our resources and got ready for the first show…

…which was supposed to happen at the end of this month.

Suddenly, one location turned into two, and three, and suddenly “Can you guys come by a different location THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW?”

So I passed out, got up, regrouped, made some phone calls… and responded with “OF COURSE WE CAN!”

We can? FML

Our amazing team basically pulled a miracle display out of their butts in 30 hours. Miss Dye-Anne (my right hand) even put on a dressy set and some lipgloss and looked like she’d gotten 8+ hours of sleep on the big day. Ever grateful… I am.

studiocity7 studiocity6 studiocity5 studiocity4 studiocity3 studiocity2 studiocity1 studiocityAnd humble.

And as we set up (IN 14 MINUTES… just before the ribbon cutting) and then worked to become the BEST PERFORMING vendor (we exceeded our and YogaWorks’ expectations) at YogaWorks in Studio City, I got to thinking about that quote.

What is humility?

On a purely shallow level, I forfeited my practice for two days (and a whole lot of sleep) and several scheduled indulgences to pull this off. Today, I’m a bit on sluggish side (nothing that a protein drink and a good run can’t cure). Other team members forfeited sleep, a date (no, really), and some much needed (and much deserved) quality time with friends and family. On a deeper level, I got over myself. Initially I got to fussing and cussing and carrying on about the short notice, and then I shut up… dug in… and got the work done. We all did.

This might be a stretch, but I think that we all practiced humility to pull this off. We didn’t think less of ourselves (IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING), but we thought of ourselves less for the good of the collective.

I am Grateful For…

The people who surround and support Habibi (both in production and purchase), the friends who put up with my mood swings and late night shenanigans, the family who also do so on a severely escalated level, and my body for putting up with the abuse of going to the edge in all things.

I am Grateful, and Humble, and Thankful.

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