Makeup Show Haul: Le Maquillage Pro Foundation Palette (Part 2)

I learned a little more about the Le Maquillage Pro Foundation Palette. First, the palette that I have was designed by none other than David Hernandez (to whom I defer for all things artistic). He says he travels with that and the primary color palette (which I am getting next) and he’s good to go. He uses the color palettes for cream eyeshadows, blushes and even lipstick (mixed with a little clear gloss). The pigments work well with the makeup mixer (for a ‘dewy’ finish that imitates skin), with rubbing alcohol (just the smallest amount for a matte finish that will resist the hottest weather and can even be waterproof), or alone as a ‘tacky’ color corrector or concealer in the tiniest amounts.

From the palest row… here are the swatches:

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

As you can see (despite some focus issues) the coverage is completely full. Makeup Mixer sheers it out, and alcohol builds it up and locks it in. I don’t recommend using too much of either the mix or the alcohol (remember you are working with SKIN and you don’t want to leave it in worse shape than when you found it) to get the job done. I think the alcohol works best when doing pigment-rich body painting or decoration (the body skin is less delicate than face skin and can handle a stronger mix). Using the pigment alone in very small amounts with a universal moisturizer like Embryolisse works very well. I also found that if you mix it with botanical water (lavender or rose) you can get a beautiful sheer coverage that is very kind to the face. That mix works beautifully on mature and really sensitive skins. I also found that it worked very well on one of my clients who does not normally wear makeup (and is really particular about her skin care regimen). She was very comfortable with a ‘natural’ mix using lavender water.

I’m sure my pictures don’t actually do this palette justice. It is magnificent. I will definitely go after the other two color palettes in the coming months (or by the end of the year). I feel that these three palettes will easily address all of my makeup needs, no matter the skin color or requirement.

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