Makeup Show Haul: Brushes

I picked up a few brushes during my recent trip to The Makeup Show. Hakuhodo (of course) released a travel set that is just fantastic, and I got to get a closer look at the new brushes from Wayne Goss. Turns out, they’re partially worth the coin.

The Hakuhodo ‘white series’ brush set is a travel version of the standard J-Series, with shorter iridescent white handles. The set comes in its own travel case, and is flat enough to carry in your purse.

The Wayne Goss Brush collection is half good, half bad. There are 8 brushes total, and four of them were a total pass for me. The four that came home with me were selected because of their construction, quality, function and uniqueness.

For some reason, the collection includes three crease brushes, but only one of them is constructed well enough to be considered such. The other two flare out a bit at the tip. I’m not sure why that is, but I can see them making a bit of a mess in the ‘crease’ of anything. They’re not precise at all. There is also an eyeshadow brush that looks so standard, that there is no reason on earth to purchase it. And the foundation brush is too small. The sales rep went on and on about precision and what not, but I need a foundation brush to cover more than just a half inch of the face at a time. It’s annoyingly small, and a dead ringer for the Hakuhodo versions (which come in THREE sizes and densities).

This is my favorite of the collection. The cheek brush looks exactly like the Suqqu version in size and quality, for a fraction of the price. The brush head is smooth and shiny, and feels absolutely divine on the face.

This is a standard large crease brush. Looks exactly like the MAC version, but it’s a lot softer. The MAC one pokes at the skin sometimes, whereas this one is much kinder to the skin.

This brush is a dead ringer for the MAC #228 brush (which I keep misplacing for some reason). Looks the same, functions the same… so if you have the #228 this is a pass.

I got this flat precision brush because I actually don’t have anything like it. The bristles are too short to be used as a lip brush, but sharp enough to draw thin precise lines. I’m going to try my hand at it with liquid and gel liners, and see what happens.

The Wayne Goss brushes are a standard weight, although they lean toward the small size. If you’re a fan of larger brushes, this collection is not for you. I have to say, I’m not a fan of the black on  black look. I love the black ferrule… but with the black handle it reminds me too much of something Sonia Kashuk would do… at Target… for quite a few dollars less. I feel like overall, the look is ‘just’ bordering on cheap. And that’s unfortunate because the brush heads have clearly been constructed with quality and performance in mind. The handle does the head a disservice in my opinion.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Melanie Mills (Gleam) thinks you should Go Big or Go Home…

This massive brush is perfect for her new Radiance Powders, for use all over the body. Melanie was at the show, and says she likes to use it on the face for a ‘two stroke’ cover (the head is so big that it will easily take care of half a face in one stroke). I think it’ll be perfect for buffing powders and pigments on the body. The bristles are natural, and the head is dense and moderately soft (not super soft). It’s pricey ($85)… and even the show price ($65) was on the steep side. But, I like Melanie and I like the brush. So I got it.

That’s it for brushes. Ciao for now!

6 Replies to “Makeup Show Haul: Brushes”

  1. I’m glad you found the review helpful Niki! 🙂 I do love the Goss brushes that I chose. The others were a total pass for me. But you can be confident that the quality and construction are there. They are well made brushes… and I feel that the ones that I chose are indeed worth the purchase price.

  2. Shahada do you happen to have the brush #s on the Wayne Goss brushes you chose? I’m just curious since there were about four crease brushes to choose from. I picked up the entire set when it came out, but now kind of wish I would have just picked up a couple of the creases only. Oh and I really hate the foundation brush. It leaves streaks with most of my liquids and causes me to do extra work. I finally got it to work well with my Marc Jacobs Mousse though. Stippling brushes drive me bonkers with liquids. I don’t get the hype.

  3. Linda I will check on the brush #’s for you. I was not crazy about the other crease brushes. I’m not quite sure what the intention was with them. I’m sorry to hear about the foundation brush! 😦 It was way too small for my tastes. I’m a fan of the Hakuhodo version of that brush, which comes in three sizes and three densities. I’m not a fan of stippling brushes for liquids either. I feel like they eat too much product and they ‘slap’ the foundation around on the face. I’ve never been able to get on that bandwagon. lol

  4. Is the Hakuhodo Set worth the money? I don’t own any Hakuhodo brushes yet and have been wanting to buy some. I quite like the white iridescent color (I don’t have the most sophisticated taste ;)) and don’t mind the shorter handles. But I wonder if the quality is the same as the regular size brushes.

    1. Hi Yasmin. Yes, the quality of this set is the same as the longer handled brushes. The brush heads are dense and really really soft. I think you’ll like it if you’re a fan of the shorter handle and the white iridescent finish. I think the set is gorgeous, and worth the money. 🙂

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