Tom Ford Sheer Lipsticks: Spring 2014

I’m FINALLY getting the chance to review the lipstick collection for the Tom Ford Spring 2014 offering. Had FedEx done its job, this post would have come in January. But after ‘lost shipments’, phone calls, claims and a whole lot of colorful language… the lipsticks have finally made it to my doorstep.


I have to say, they are stunning. I thought that the ‘sheer’ nature of these lipsticks would be a deterrent, but there are a actually a few in the collection with very high pigmentation. Even the sheer colors aren’t much of an issue. They are all very beautiful, and suitable to a wide range of skin tones.

From the left: In the Buff, Pink Dune, Bittersweet, Summer Fling

From the left: Sweet Spot, Firecracker, Paradiso, Incorrigible

Tom Ford brought back the classic white packaging for this collection. I find that it’s appropriate for spring, although I do really like the darker packaging. Much more elegant. This has more of a ‘vintage’ feel, but I’ll be happy for the return of the darker packaging.

In The Buff

Pink Dune

(perfect companion to Pink Guilt Lipgloss)


Summer Fling

Sweet Spot




Although these are sheer and moisturizing, the moisture content is fleeting. I had REALLY dry lips halfway through these swatches, and needed a good scrubbing and a healthy dose of lipbalm to continue. Then I wore Pink Dune, and after a 4 hours the color faded, but the sparkles were all over my lips. So longevity is an issue. The best colors for me are Bittersweet, Firecracker (duh), Paradiso, and Incorrigible. The others wear well, but sheer. Even In The Buff looks good with a warmer lip pencil, to complement my warm skin tone. But the sheerer colors all fade fairly quickly. The more pigmented colors are quite the opposite. Not only do they stay put, but they even leave behind a bit of a stain. So the quality of these lipsticks run the gamut. I suggest trying them in person before committing. At nearly $50 a pop, this isn’t something you want to get wrong and get stuck with.

You can find out more about Tom Ford Sheer Lipsticks HERE.

HABIBI Bath Tea Giveaway!

Okay, it’s time for a new Giveaway!

Habibi Bath Teas

The new Habibi Bath Teas were released just a week ago, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response! I’m so thrilled that people are snapping them up, and trying them out! We’ve had such a fantastic first week, that I want to pay them forward in a Giveaway!

The teas come in three fragrance/herb blends:

Lavender & Chamomile

Lemongrass & Sage

Vanilla & Rose

We’re going to give away a complete set of 6 tea bags (two of each fragrance) to TWO WINNERS. We’ll pick one winner from Facebook (HABIBI BATH & BODY), and one winner from Instagram (HabibiBody).

To qualify for the giveaway, all you have to do is follow us on Facebook and Instagram!



Tom Ford Spring 2014: Incandescent Nail Polish

Tom Ford’s 2014 Spring Collection really brightens up the traditionally sultry line, with 8 sheer lip colors (in the vintage white packaging) and three very ‘spring like’ nail polishes. All of the lip colors got my attention, but only one of the nail polishes came home with me. I fell head over heels with the shimmering rose gold color called Incandescent:

This polish is heavy on the sparkle, and I’d recommend the thinnest coats with this one. I went too heavy several times before getting it right. With this particular picture, I did two of the thinnest coats known to man. The sparkle in this polish reminds me a lot of MAC Mercenary (from the Style Warrior Collection). This is like Mercenary’s Rose Gold auntie. It’s a little more mature, and very flattering to a wide range of skin tones. Despite the sparkle, it’s not really garish. I was worried that I’d look like I borrowed my teenage niece’s polish from her glitterbomb days, but not so much. I really like it.

You can find out more about Incandescent Nail Polish (limited edition) HERE.

Updates, Plans, Musings and what not…

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a minute since my last post. Been running around like a (fill in the blank) trying to get things squared away for Habibi in 2014. Man Alive… it’s been kicking my (fill in the blank)!!!! But honestly, it kind of comes with the territory. And I signed up for this job, so I’m going to do it.

globe1First, we went Global. Like, FOR REAL global. Not me cussing out the shipping carriers for trying to shove a bar of soap into a flat rate box and spending $50 (of my money) to get it to the Philippines in less than 12 months. Now, there’s no more rigamoro associated with getting shipments out of the country. Just hit this little button at checkout:

… and they take care of the rest. We fill the order, and they ship it. Easy peasy. So, to my Canadian loves (I’ve gotten every one of your emails), you can now shop through the site without having to jump through payment and shipping hoops. Whoo hoo!

Meantime, my workspace has been transformed into a laboratory full of leaves, flowers, oils… you  name it… it’s probably shoved in a corner somewhere. I finally perfected a Bath Soak formula that’s been stuck in my head for the last six months. No… really. Sometimes I have this fabulous IDEA, and the process of taking it from fantasy to reality can be a bit much, particularly with ingredients that have to be collected and tested and … wait, you don’t care about any of this stuff. 🙂

Habibi DEEP STEEP Bath Soak
Habibi DEEP STEEP Bath Soak

Turns your bathing experience into a spa experience. That’s kind of all you need to know. Oh, and it’s awesome. LOL I started this company to accommodate high-maintenance, fussy spa-loving types like me. So I make product for myself ‘first.’ If I wouldn’t buy it, I’m not going to ask anyone else to buy it either.

Which brings me to the Bath Tea…


So a really REALLY freak ass long time ago, I wanted to do bath teas. And when I tell you that it went all kinds of wrong… OMG. You’d think this was a fairly simple process. But for the ingredients I want (completely organic/locally sourced), the bags had to be able to stand up to the leaves, nuts and berries I wanted to shove into them. Plus, everything I use has a shelf life. So that means I can’t have tea bags hanging around until whenever someone decides to pop them into the tub. Problem. This has been a process, and a task that I’ve addressed and abandoned a million times over. But I’m happy to report that I finally pulled together a stable blend that does exactly what I want it to do. I even got to up the ante on the ingredients (There’s a fat little Tahitian Vanilla Bean or two shoved in there). Total Bathing Awesomeness.


I’m so happy with the way they turned out. I’ve used a few myself (I’m always the first pancake), and they work beautifully!


That’s done and up and ready for sale. Bath Soak is not far behind. We got rid of some fragrances, added some fragrances (Organic Grapefruit is back, and a ‘reformulated’ Pomegranate is  better than ever)… and we’re just getting started! So it’s been a lil’ bumpy (which explains my lack of activity on this blog), but we’re coming through it beautifully. 🙂

Meanwhile, there’s a BUNCH of makeup to talk about, and I promise to get to it! More Tom Ford (Spring 2014), NARS, Urban Decay… and the most insane foundation palette you’ve ever seen.

It’s all coming… please bear with me. Thanks for your patience. Ciao for now!