Product Review: L’Eclisse Translucent Pressed Powder

Powder-Transparent-DarkL’Eclisse Cosmetics came across my desk recently. The pretty feminine packaging instantly caught my eye (and made me think of my very ‘girly girl’ little sister). I’ll admit to being a little skeptical at first (lots of times with cosmetics, the ‘outside’ doesn’t match the inside), but I’m happy to report that I’ve been proven wrong. L’Eclisse Translucent Pressed Powder is talc-free, and goes on beautifully with no flashback on my warm skintone.

This is the powder in Medium/Dark. I found that it works best when it’s ‘buffed’ into the skin. That powder puff… GASP… actually serves a purpose! It works better than a fluffy brush. I prefer to use this powder puff, or a stiff kabuki brush to get the job done. I wore it alone (no foundation) with a little mascara and lipstick, and it really worked to take away the shine on my oily skin:

It’s now a permanent part of my portable makeup bag. It’s cute to whip out and use, that powder puff actually works and gets the job done, and the formula doesn’t break under duress. I put it on once in the morning and didn’t have to blot until after 4 hours… OUTDOORS. For my oily skin, that’s huge. Five minutes outside, and I’m a virtual oil slick. So for me, this powder is a win on all levels.

You can find out more about L’Eclisse cosmetics HERE.

2 Replies to “Product Review: L’Eclisse Translucent Pressed Powder”

  1. Wow, that’s great!!! I should check out this powder especially since I too have oily skin.

    Your skin is amazing, by the way!

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