Say Goodbye…

… to 4 (four) Limited Edition Fragrances! They’ll be around until January 31st, and then they go away, until the weather cools down again at the end of the year:



This sweet & spicy mix is a cult favorite. Every Winter, we roll out this unique blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and mint. We like to say it reminds us of a hot cup of chai (or cocoa) on a cold Winter’s morning.


superiorblend1This spicy blend used to be permanent… but we’ve found that it does better in the colder months. It’s a warm combination of musk and amber resins, with the smallest shot of vanilla bean for good measure. This fragrance is unisex, and works very well for men, and for the daring woman who is unafraid to make a statement.


superiorblend2This light and airy blend brings together White Tea and Organic Essential Lavender. It’s perfect for the person who’s not interested in leaving a distinct trail of fragrance. This blend works very well with most body chemistry, and tends to become a ‘part’ of the wearer by adjusting to the individual.


superiorblend3Vanilla, anyone? This blend combines Organic Tahitian Vanilla Bean with Amber resin, with sweet results. The fragrance is both sweet and floral, and perfect for the person who leans toward sweeter scents.

You’ve got until January 31st to try them out, or replenish your stock. After that, they’ll get a rest over the next few seasons, and come back out to play come Autumn!

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