New Year… Old Fear…


So, this happened:

I officially joined in the beginning of December, and have been going pretty steadily ever since.

Now that I can confidently push my body up into a headstand, I’m working on handstand and (as of yesterday) chinstand. OMG. Thanks to the phenomenal teachers at Core Power Yoga (it was the incomparable JQ who first got me upside down, convinced me to join forever, and continues to high five and encourage my efforts), the fear of really going to my edge with some of the poses is falling away. It’s amazing.

Yesterday we tried this:

and this…


I didn’t even get close. Not the point. I tried. I tried HARD. And I did it again and again and again, and got a little closer each time. These are poses that, last year, I couldn’t have even fathomed trying to get into.

This New Year brought such a sense of … adventure … that I’m pretty much game for whatever life throws my way. It’s gonna be an AWESOME year. I can feel it.

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