Product Review: L’Eclisse Translucent Pressed Powder

Powder-Transparent-DarkL’Eclisse Cosmetics came across my desk recently. The pretty feminine packaging instantly caught my eye (and made me think of my very ‘girly girl’ little sister). I’ll admit to being a little skeptical at first (lots of times with cosmetics, the ‘outside’ doesn’t match the inside), but I’m happy to report that I’ve been proven wrong. L’Eclisse Translucent Pressed Powder is talc-free, and goes on beautifully with no flashback on my warm skintone.

This is the powder in Medium/Dark. I found that it works best when it’s ‘buffed’ into the skin. That powder puff… GASP… actually serves a purpose! It works better than a fluffy brush. I prefer to use this powder puff, or a stiff kabuki brush to get the job done. I wore it alone (no foundation) with a little mascara and lipstick, and it really worked to take away the shine on my oily skin:

It’s now a permanent part of my portable makeup bag. It’s cute to whip out and use, that powder puff actually works and gets the job done, and the formula doesn’t break under duress. I put it on once in the morning and didn’t have to blot until after 4 hours… OUTDOORS. For my oily skin, that’s huge. Five minutes outside, and I’m a virtual oil slick. So for me, this powder is a win on all levels.

You can find out more about L’Eclisse cosmetics HERE.

Say Goodbye…

… to 4 (four) Limited Edition Fragrances! They’ll be around until January 31st, and then they go away, until the weather cools down again at the end of the year:



This sweet & spicy mix is a cult favorite. Every Winter, we roll out this unique blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and mint. We like to say it reminds us of a hot cup of chai (or cocoa) on a cold Winter’s morning.


superiorblend1This spicy blend used to be permanent… but we’ve found that it does better in the colder months. It’s a warm combination of musk and amber resins, with the smallest shot of vanilla bean for good measure. This fragrance is unisex, and works very well for men, and for the daring woman who is unafraid to make a statement.


superiorblend2This light and airy blend brings together White Tea and Organic Essential Lavender. It’s perfect for the person who’s not interested in leaving a distinct trail of fragrance. This blend works very well with most body chemistry, and tends to become a ‘part’ of the wearer by adjusting to the individual.


superiorblend3Vanilla, anyone? This blend combines Organic Tahitian Vanilla Bean with Amber resin, with sweet results. The fragrance is both sweet and floral, and perfect for the person who leans toward sweeter scents.

You’ve got until January 31st to try them out, or replenish your stock. After that, they’ll get a rest over the next few seasons, and come back out to play come Autumn!

Eat Up: Onion Salsa

Once upon a time, when I lived as a single gal in Hollywood, I used to frequent the most awesome Peruvian restaurant. They make an ‘onion salsa’ that would send my taste buds to the MOON. Last night I was craving that salsa… and without a clue on how to make it… attempted my own recipe:

1/2 red onion (thinly sliced)

4 Roma tomatoes (thinly sliced)

1 small bunch of cilantro (cut)

3 limes

3 cloves fresh garlic (pounded to a paste)

sea salt

cayenne pepper

I mixed the tomatoes, onion and garlic, then squeezed the limes over the mix. I seasoned with salt and cayenne to taste, then added the cilantro last. Within seconds… the lime juice ‘cooked’ all of the ingredients together and the salsa was ready!

It was sooooooooooooooo good, and just like I remembered! I was so proud. 😀

I prefer this mixture with rice, or alone for a tart little snack.

Professional Grade: Headshots for 2014

This is Dye-Anne:

I think it’s fair to say that Dye-Anne is my right hand these days. She’s the smile when I need it, the organization when the situation demands it, and the calm to my ever evolving storm. She handles accounts, customers, snafus, delays, bumps in the road and prevents overall catastrophe.

So when she asked me if I’d do makeup for her headshots, there was absolutely no way I was going to say no.

Dye-Anne is a quirky personality with an effervescent spirit. That red hair is pretty on point. To complement her hair color (and unusually warm color), I kept her coloring warm and peachy, with a little brown and gold thrown in for good measure.


Chanel Vitalumiere (Soft Ivory)

DMK Concealer (yellow)

Ben Nye Banana Powder

Rock & Republic Blush in Call Me


Chanel Charming Palette:

Matte Beige on Lids

Golden Shimmer in Crease

Stila Smudgepot in 24k on Lashline

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon on Lashline


Chanel Lip Pencil in Peche

MAC Lipstick in Oh, Oh, Oh

After the shoot, Dye Anne wanted a little more makeup for her party tonight (pre-birthday celebration), so we went heavier around the eyes, stronger on the cheeks, and added just a bit more lipstick.

Stila Single Shadow in Oasis (lid)

MAC Kohl in Raven (on and under waterline)

Sleek Blush in Life’s A Peach

New Year… Old Fear…


So, this happened:

I officially joined in the beginning of December, and have been going pretty steadily ever since.

Now that I can confidently push my body up into a headstand, I’m working on handstand and (as of yesterday) chinstand. OMG. Thanks to the phenomenal teachers at Core Power Yoga (it was the incomparable JQ who first got me upside down, convinced me to join forever, and continues to high five and encourage my efforts), the fear of really going to my edge with some of the poses is falling away. It’s amazing.

Yesterday we tried this:

and this…


I didn’t even get close. Not the point. I tried. I tried HARD. And I did it again and again and again, and got a little closer each time. These are poses that, last year, I couldn’t have even fathomed trying to get into.

This New Year brought such a sense of … adventure … that I’m pretty much game for whatever life throws my way. It’s gonna be an AWESOME year. I can feel it.

Facebook Giveaway!

Hello Habibi Lovers!

We’re giving away a full sized Habibi Body Balm, scented with an extra boost of Organic Lavender & Chamomile! To qualify, all you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook!

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Good luck everyone!

Professional Grade: Capo-Nata Active Lookbook

Sometimes I dig through the internet and randomly come across jobs that I’ve done, that I never knew actually got completed (so many projects get started but never finish in this town). I came across the Capo Nata Lookbook (which I talked about back in July on this blog)…

CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-9 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-8 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-7 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-6 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-5 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-4 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-3 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-2 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-10 CN_active-lookbook_WNP-page-1…I actually had no idea that these had been completed. Makeup by me. Hair by the incomparable Edica Casanova.