Chanel Spring 2014

Chanel-Spring-2014-beauty-look_Vanessa-Axente_photo-Solve-SundsboChanel released the new Spring Collection. Much like collections from Chanel in the past, this Spring Edition features a healthy mix of light and dark colors, with a distinctly ‘pink’ undertone. There is a little something for everyone.

Chanel_Notes_du_Printemps_spring_2014_makeup_collection3Chanel-Notes-De-Printemps-Makeup-Collection-for-Spring-2014-nails-and-facechanel-eyeshadowsI passed on much of this collection. The quad didn’t move me, and the blushes have too garish of an undertone for my liking. I put on Sonic Pink Lip Pencil… and lets just say it didn’t end well. So the must haves for me were the two Illusion d’ Ombres, and two of the Lipsticks.

La Diva Lipstick

L’Adoree Lipstick

Illusion d’Ombre in Diapason

Illusion d’ Ombre in Impulsion

No Flash

With Flash

I’m having a bit of trouble with La Diva Lipstick. It’s very drying. I have to wear a lot of lip balm under it to wear it comfortably. L’Adoree is incredibly flattering, and I find that it’s a lot more ‘rose’ than the dusky lavender color that I expected.

The Illusion d’Ombres are a lot more ‘multi dimensional’ than the camera shows. Diapason has a bit of a deep blue shimmer undertone that is absolutely gorgeous, and Impulsion is like looks like Fantasme blushed. Both of them swipe soft and true, and it looks like Chanel may have addressed that ‘dried up’ problem that they had with the last batch of Illusion d’ Ombres.

So far I’m loving my choices. I’ll road test them in the very near future… and take tons of pictures. Ciao for now!

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