Shahada’s Little Helpers: Skin Peels

Ever since I was introduced to peeling (earlier this year), I’ve been aware of other products that are not as strong but do amazing things for regular skin maintenance. I’ve come across two products that easily rise to the top of the list:

This is sooooo good! First of all, it smells like pumpkin pie. 🙂 Second of all, it’s organic and just about all of the ingredients are perishable. That means you HAVE TO USE IT! Store it in a cool dry place and get it on your face on a regular basis. I use it every couple of weeks for a nice ‘pick me up.’ It’s such a lovely treatment for the face. The strength is only 5%, but there’s still some tingling if you’ve got a more sensitive skin. This, I’m told, is completely normal.

I have to say, I’ve never come across something quite like this. Unlike regular peels, which you have to leave on for minutes, this one only takes SECONDS to activate. You read that right. It take FIVE SECONDS to activate and the you roll off the dead skin, and rinse it off. So freakin’ easy, that it’s almost scary. I used it the first time and freaked out at the results. My skin was so smooth. It’s almost one of those ‘too good to be true’ kind of products. But it really does work. And it’s really gentle. I was surprised at how my skin was not even remotely irritated afterwards. And you can’t beat the developing time. Five seconds is utterly fabulous.

These two items have thoroughly impressed me. I love the low irritation levels on both, and the prices are complementary ($46 and $44, respectively). I haven’t done a deep peel in months, and with this as regular maintenance, I’m thinking that I won’t have to.

Here’s to facing the holidays with a ‘clear’ outlook on skin… and life.


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