Adventures In Hot Yoga

Averill is going to kill me when he reads this.

Instead of going to my regular DDP Yoga class, one of my friends convinced me to give CorePower Yoga a try. The studio chain offers a ‘heated’ practice that’s harder than Bikram, and about as enthusiastic as DDP Yoga (what with the music selections and the very ‘upbeat’ instructors). Instead of holding long traditional poses, there’s lots of movement, gentle adjustments and a bit of fun to the class we ended up taking (Level 2). There are even a few ‘non traditional’ transitions that make awkwardly tumbling back to your mat that much more fun.

My friend and I signed up in the bright lobby (which contains more racks filled with yoga clothing than the space probably allows), and were received by the equally bright and cheery duo behind the desk. We set up our accounts, got our passes, and headed for the locker room.

Right away, I noticed two things: 1) Just about everyone seems to know each other. 2) If they didn’t know each other, they were somehow connected by six degrees of friendship/family. I was processing this observation, when a cheery woman walked right up to me, grinned from ear to ear, stuck her hand out, and introduced herself.

Okay, so everyone’s friendly. I smiled back. I think I’m gonna like this place.

We grabbed mats and towels and headed into the pleasantly heated room. It wasn’t hot. Just warm… at what felt like maybe 75-80 degrees (my friend look at the thermostat; she says it was 96 degrees). It might have been hotter, but it felt fine to me. My body acclimated immediately, and I was able to ‘warm up’ with gentle stretches and twists as we waited for our instructor.

Our teacher came bouncing in minutes later, turned up the lights and instructed us to introduce ourselves to our neighbors. So we did. By the time we got started, everyone was all smiles. In fact, I’m not sure the smile left my face for the duration of class.

The class itself was excellent. I was able to do every pose with relative ease (with the exception of reverse triangle on my right side because I may have broken my second toe after crashing into my husband’s sculpture… *deep breath*… but that’s a story for another day). The class was dynamic; we moved with almost every breath. Seriously, we almost never stopped. There were no long pauses in Childs Pose, or even Downward Dog. We held the most difficult poses for 3-5 breaths then went into a dynamic vinyasa to realign for the next set. Our teacher was attentive, silly, fun, soothing and extremely informative. Sometimes instructors put you in a pose, then look around and notice that everyone is looking crazy twisted up and confused, and THEN verbally adjusts you. This instructor verbally adjusted us as we went, so that by the time we actually settled into the pose, everything was as it should be.

The heat keeps you loose, so you can do things like…

fulltwist.116200730_std_1_-504x426 My twists were so full and complete that I had to open my eyes to make sure I wasn’t just imagining the fabulous flexibility.

An hour later, I was drenched from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. But I felt amazing. Everything was loose and pliant and heated up from the inside out. I was a bit dehydrated, but rectified that with a bottle of water and a bottle of coconut water.

So how much will it cost me to continue this hot journey? One month will set you back $139. Gah! Ungood. I’m going back tomorrow, and Thursday (sorry Averill)… and if I can stand it, maybe Sunday too. My ‘trial membership’ runs out on Monday.

If I never see them again after that, I can honestly say it’s been my distinct honor to have been a part of the Core Power  Yoga Family… even if for the shortest while.

Now, let me go see if I can bribe Averill with some Habibi to make up for this horrid indiscretion…

2 Replies to “Adventures In Hot Yoga”

  1. Coconut water and water is the best rehydrator after class. I also use Trace Minerals Electrolytes packets for more severe cases at times. Sounds like you found a nice studio.

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