Product Review: Beyond Yoga Bamboo Staple Sweatpant

They say yoga is for Every Body. More than anything, I’d love it if the ‘clothes’ we wear in yoga reflect that mantra as much as possible.

Recently, a pair of sweatpants from Beyond Yoga found their way to my doorstep. I was giddy at the color (a lovely berry shade) and the ‘smooth’ construction at the waistband (nothing worse than bunching around the belly when you’re trying to do a forward bend). They are a size small, and these days my body qualifies, so I couldn’t wait to get them on.

So I pull them out of their protective packaging and step into them. They won’t go past my calves. What the… I check and see that the waist tie is still engaged. D’oh! I try again. Now they won’t go past my thighs. Okay, this isn’t funny. I pull off the the pants and inspect them closely. They LOOK normal enough, and very much like they’d fit a body like mine. So I take a deep breath…

…and damn near break a sweat trying to get these pants on! And that’s not even the jacked up part. The pants from the bottom of my thighs to my ankles is literally ‘pooling’ with fabric! So lemme get this straight.. these suckers are too small at the top and ‘too big’ at the bottom! I mean, the fabric is literally swishing around my calves like:

Honestly, I feel like if I pulled the elastic out of the bottom of the pants they’d totally look like that. SMH. Plus the inseam is like 8″ or something… or at least that’s what it feels like. Remember those horrid ‘ultra low rise’ jeans that had folks walking around with their thongs showing? These pants kind of remind me of that. The rise isn’t low, but the inseam is so short that I can see me furiously resisting the urge to pull out a ‘murphy’ while I’m in mountain pose. Not okay.

I don’t understand these pants. The top is built for Twiggy, but there’s enough fabric at the bottom to sew together and make a flared skirt. I’m not quite sure ‘what’  Beyond Yoga was thinking when they put these babies together. Last I checked, the circumference below my hips is ‘different’ (read, wider) than the one around my waist. That’s kind of how the human body was built. there’s this extra part… called a ‘booty’… that needs to be accounted for.

So I’m gonna go with NO on these pants. And at 88.00 a pop on their website, I’m gonna need Beyond Yoga to do better about ‘balancing’ the fit of these pants.

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