Product Review: Beyond Yoga Bamboo Staple Sweatpant

They say yoga is for Every Body. More than anything, I’d love it if the ‘clothes’ we wear in yoga reflect that mantra as much as possible.

Recently, a pair of sweatpants from Beyond Yoga found their way to my doorstep. I was giddy at the color (a lovely berry shade) and the ‘smooth’ construction at the waistband (nothing worse than bunching around the belly when you’re trying to do a forward bend). They are a size small, and these days my body qualifies, so I couldn’t wait to get them on.

So I pull them out of their protective packaging and step into them. They won’t go past my calves. What the… I check and see that the waist tie is still engaged. D’oh! I try again. Now they won’t go past my thighs. Okay, this isn’t funny. I pull off the the pants and inspect them closely. They LOOK normal enough, and very much like they’d fit a body like mine. So I take a deep breath…

…and damn near break a sweat trying to get these pants on! And that’s not even the jacked up part. The pants from the bottom of my thighs to my ankles is literally ‘pooling’ with fabric! So lemme get this straight.. these suckers are too small at the top and ‘too big’ at the bottom! I mean, the fabric is literally swishing around my calves like:

Honestly, I feel like if I pulled the elastic out of the bottom of the pants they’d totally look like that. SMH. Plus the inseam is like 8″ or something… or at least that’s what it feels like. Remember those horrid ‘ultra low rise’ jeans that had folks walking around with their thongs showing? These pants kind of remind me of that. The rise isn’t low, but the inseam is so short that I can see me furiously resisting the urge to pull out a ‘murphy’ while I’m in mountain pose. Not okay.

I don’t understand these pants. The top is built for Twiggy, but there’s enough fabric at the bottom to sew together and make a flared skirt. I’m not quite sure ‘what’  Beyond Yoga was thinking when they put these babies together. Last I checked, the circumference below my hips is ‘different’ (read, wider) than the one around my waist. That’s kind of how the human body was built. there’s this extra part… called a ‘booty’… that needs to be accounted for.

So I’m gonna go with NO on these pants. And at 88.00 a pop on their website, I’m gonna need Beyond Yoga to do better about ‘balancing’ the fit of these pants.

FOTD: Bruised Plum

I thought this Autumn weather perfect for a Bruised Plum lip, courtesy of Tom Ford. I put this color on like a stain, using fingers and blotting excessively, then covered it with the ‘gloss’ portion of Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge. It stayed glossy and true all day, through food, drinks and lots and lots of conversation.


Kevyn Aucoin Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi  Brown Pressed Powder in Golden Orange

Tom Ford Blush in Savage (applied lightly)


MAC Pigment in Naked Dark (lids)

MAC Kohl in Designer Purple (lashline and waterline)

By Terry mascara in Purple Success


Tom Ford Lipstick in Bruised Plum

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge (clear gloss only)

Battle the Bulge with Battle Ropes

While most of the folks I know are polishing off that last bit of Thanksgiving dinner and trying hard to breathe, I’m trying not to freak out about working with these torture devices bright and early tomorrow. 😦 My friend is all jazzed about switching up our workouts, and the first thing she wants to do is take on the Battle Ropes. Ugh.

Battle Ropes are no joke. The key to getting these heavy monstrosities off the ground and into a rhythmic repetition is core strength. The arms are important, but they really don’t work without a strong core. Gah, I really don’t want to do this tomorrow. I really don’t.


Yeah.  Because here’s the thing: I remember the first time I didn’t want to run. Now I’m like, what’s 6 miles? Impossible is nothing. Same with aerials, yoga, and everything else that comes like water to me these days. I know I can do it.

So I’m gonna do it…

And that’s that…

Or something.

Drink Up: Electrolyte Lemonade with Coconut Oil


Everyone is always talking about the benefits of using coconut oil ‘topically’ … in your hair and on your skin. But I recently started ingesting it, and I have to say I’ll never put it on top of my body again. I discovered ‘electrolyte lemonade’ during a recent sauna session. The ingredients are so simple, that I decided to try it at home.


2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil

Juice of 1 meyer lemon

2 tablespoons of honey

1/2 cup of filtered water

I put everything in a blender, starting with the coconut oil. Mine was solid (92 degree melting point), so I had to soften it a bit before adding the rest of the ingredients. It made enough for an 8 ounce drink, and it was delicious! It tastes like a lemon/coconut smoothie. I’ve been using it as a recovery drink post sauna or workout, and it’s been working out like a charm!


Eye Adore: By Terry Ombre & Ligne Blackstar

This review is a long time coming. I’ve always been a fan of By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar pencil shadows. They are my ‘go to’ formulations for looks that call for the product. I know that everyone from NARS to Laura Mercier make them as well, but By Terry has always had my heart in this department. Recently, the company released a shimmer brown shade, and a matte black. I went home with the shimmer brown.

They also released an eye pen, that blows some of the best brands out of the water (Kevyn Aucoin, I’m looking at you). Observe:

Here’s what it looks like in practical application:


The color is a sheer shimmer brown, but can be built up to a strong deep brown. It sets in about 30 seconds and once it’s on… it’s ON. No smudging and no creasing, even on my oily eyelids.

Same with Ligne Blackstar. First, it’s insanely easy to use. The felt tip makes for incredible precision. And  unlike some of its felt-tipped counterparts (NARS… do better), it doesn’t dry out as soon as the air hits it. The formula is strong and thick, and goes on true with the first swipe. It sets to a latex finish, and you’ll need a pretty strong makeup remover to get it off once it sets.

Both of these are must haves for me. I find them perfect for Holiday makeup looks… and beyond. And although I have more Black shadows than ever a girl should need, I’m sure I’ll be headed back to Space NK in the near future for the ebony-colored mate to Brown Perfection.

You can find out more about Ombre Blackstar and Ligne Blackstar HERE.

Sweet Sweat


I learned about this stuff from a DDP Yoga colleague. He came in all shiny at the start of class, and I thought he’d just worked out (bad idea before taking DDP Yoga). I was teasing him about it, and he told me that he’d just applied Sweet Sweat. My first thought was ‘gimmick.’ But then he started running the science.

c26-B001EN14CA-2-lSweet Sweat is supposed to be more effective than slathering your body parts in Abolene and wrapping them in Saran Wrap before a run (been there, done that). It’s more expensive too. I head over to GNC to find out how much it’s going to set me back, and find out that a little 6 ounce tube is nearly 30 bucks. What? Boo! Abolene is like 6 dollars, so this stuff better perform.


It does. I put some on several choice parts just before a run, and they broke a sweat almost immediately after the first few strides. The rest of my body caught up a couple of minutes later. I even put on a little before sitting in the infrared sauna (not recommended until you’ve mastered the sauna for a 30 minute stretch. Seriously), and I broke into an aggressive sweat within seconds of closing the sauna door.

body-sweatingColor me convinced. But, I did learn a little something while throwing a tantrum about the price at GNC. The guy who sold it to me told me you can get a similar effect by using Ben Gay. Only problem is… well… you smell like Ben Gay. 🙂

Hubby and I are done with tube #1 (took us about two weeks), and we’re about to crack open tube #2. Now, when we’re done with this tube, we’ll see about getting some more. If not, you’ll catch me at the local Walgreens stocking up on as much Ben Gay as my car can carry.

You can find out more about Sweet Sweat HERE.

FOTD: This is 40

So, I was all set to write this long winded dissertation on what I’ve learned as I close out the 3rd decade of my life (complete with some awesome yoga pose that took me forever to master), and then decided to K.I.S.S. Because really, in the scheme of things, who cares? 😀

I did, however, put on a little makeup to celebrate my big birthday.


Guerlain Or Primer

Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation (Elegant Amber)

Becca Blush in Wild Honey


Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow in #19 (inner lids)

Kat Von D ShadeShifter Eyeshadow in Devotion (lids)

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (lashline)

Guerlain Retractable Pencil in Gold (waterline)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in #5

Glow On: Guerlain Base Eclat Les Ors

This is an oldie but goodie…


Guerlain’s Meteorites Perles (Base Eclat les Ors) was actually released for Summer, but I find it perfect for the Holiday Season. The water-like skin base is perfect for my oily skin, and it has just enough shimmer to ‘glow’ but not make you look like you dipped your face in shimmer.

Just a glow. No real ‘shimmer’ in an obvious way. My warm skin tone just lights up a little bit, and honestly, I can just wear this and some mascara and gloss and be good to go. It’s completely sheer, but kind of makes your skin look like you just smoothed it out with a little tinted moisturizer. I love it. And because of the formulation, I don’t have to powder.

This was a limited edition product, but I do believe you can still find it online at Nordstrom.

Good Eats: Virgin Raw Bee Panacea

So I started taking this…


…and WOW! I have to be honest.  I thought this was just gonna be a bunch of hype. I’m a pretty healthy gal. I eat pretty clean and work out regularly. And I’m not a fan of things that claim to cure all ills and make you taller/faster/smarter-than-your-average genius. I think, for the most part, that such things are marketing gimmicks (I recently found a bottle of ‘liquid gold’ that basically claimed to cure ‘EVERYTHING.’ Yeah… no). So I was skeptical when the lovely lady at LifeFoodOrganic (Hollywood. Get into it) offered me a sample.

First of all, it sort of tastes like chocolate. This is great for chocolate lovers. I am not one. But overall, it’s not unpleasant. It’s a combination of bee miracle parts, some stuff, some more stuff, and some other stuff.

What I do know is that it makes me feel like superhero. That scientific enough for ya? No? Okay. 🙂

Here are the claims from

Benefits of Bee Panacea
  • Bee Panacea possible health benefits may include:
  • Supporting the entire digestive track
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Helping  with food cravings
  • Helping  loosing weight
  • Increasing  energy 
  • Promoting glowing skin
  • Improves concentration 
  • Helping with staying focused,  calm, grounded and centered
  • Helping with elevating he mood
  • Gently decreasing  depressed  feelings
  • Assisting detoxifying  the body from heavy metals
  • Alkalizing  the body (pH9.5)
  • Improving strengthening the immune system
  • Increasing  energy , stamina
  • Increasing endurance

Some benefits are also outlined on

  1. Peak Nutrition- packed with 15 different Superfoods including Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Raw Maca, Raw Chlorella, Raw Spirulina, Raw Goji Berries, Reishi Mushroom, Organic Astragalus Root and a lot more.
  2. Convenience- with our busy lives, we all struggle trying to find the time to make sure we eat a healthy, balanced diet. With Bee Panacea, everything you need is in one jar. It doesn’t get simpler.
  3. Nutrition You Can Feel- We aren’t kidding. When you eat a spoon of this stuff, in about 15 minutes suddenly: WHAM! CLARITY… some people feel a sense of euphoria or a surge in energy. A lot of people replace their coffee with Bee Panacea… it’s that good.
  4. Weight Loss- You know when you have those unstoppable cravings that pull you toward the refrigerator? Dieting is a constant battle for many of us. Bee Panacea is the weapon in your arsenal you’ve always dreamed of. Whenever you’re hungry, just take a tablespoon to kill your appetite for a couple hours. The body has a natural, instinctual intelligence. It immediately understands the nutritional quality of the Bee Panacea formula and suddenly your cravings disappear… and if you’re really starving, just have a second spoonful. It doesn’t matter because unlike most snack foods, Bee Panacea is ultra-healthy for you.

Okay, I can attest to some of that. You’re supposed to take this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I literally wake up, take a teaspoon, and then go on about the business of finishing waking up. I don’t take anything else until I’m about to head out the door for my run (supplements and what not) so that I don’t disturb the ‘process’ of the formula making it’s way through my bloodstream.

Here’s what I know: My runs have been faster, and my recovery time has been cut down to ZERO. I’m not kidding. Normally, the day after I work my legs… I’m pretty much a zombie without the help of some ‘boosters’ (green tea, kale drinks, the more-than-occasional protein bar). I’ve had none of those residual effects since taking the Panacea. I love it.

The only down side is the cost. $65 for 10oz. Now, that might seem like a lot. But at a teaspoon a morning, I’m going through this stuff in about 2 to 3 weeks, and that’s only if I’m being a little stingy with my doses. And I’m pretty sure hubby has been dipping into it. He’s a chocolate fiend… so it makes sense.

I’m not entirely sure about justifying the cost just yet. I’ve got about a quarter jar left (on my second jar), and I’m undecided about whether I’ll be  making the trek to get a third.


Who am I kidding?


Let me go count my pennies…

You can find out more about Virgin Raw Bee Panacea HERE.