Best Foot Forward: New Kicks!

It’s that time again. I noticed my baby right toe sticking out of the side of my sneaker during yesterday’s run. I guess that’s a sign that it’s time to replace them. I’m a Mizuno die-hard, so I headed right over to the website to get a pair of Wave Prophecy (my favorite at the moment), hopefully in a color that won’t scare small children.

These were my first choice:

Awesome, right? I know. I love them.

But when I check the Mizuno site, there are only two colors available… neither of which is the color that I want, and both of which are completely hideous. So I choose the least offensive color combination, and select my size:



Boo! I start digging around the internet for an alternative. Surely someone must have these sneakers?

Amazon: SOLD OUT

Zappos: SOLD OUT

I even go to ebay. Yes, friggin’ EBAY. No dice. The one pair I find on ebay, in the color that I actually want, is being sold by a seller with so much negative feedback that it’s not even worth a gander.

Gah! This sucks.

I finally do an internet wide search with a generic description. My sneakers come up. Yay! Foot Locker. I head to their website…


Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. 😦

I pick up the phone and start making phone calls. I’m GETTING these sneakers dammit. I finally locate a store that says they don’t have them in house, but can order them.

Mizuno Womens Wave Prophecy 2 Running Shoes Black


I break a couple of speeding laws and head over there. They have two others the same style but in those horrid colors on the Mizuno site, and I try them on to be sure they fit (of course they do), but hold out for my black beauties. I order them, they give me a receipt a mile long, and now I have to just be patient until they here. Meanwhile, I have to not push my current pair so hard (they are chock full of holes at this point), during the workouts.

The new kicks will allegedly be here by next Thursday.

I can’t wait.

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