Lip Service: Marc Jacobs Lipstick (Showstopper)

‘Tis the season for rich, bold colors… especially in the lipstick department. Marc Jacobs got the the Holiday Party started a little early this year, with the introduction of a beautiful red shade, appropriately named Showstopper. Instead of the classic black tube, this special edition lip color comes in a shiny candy red tube. Very ‘holidayesque.’

Like all the Marc Jacobs lipsticks, the hydration level in this little tube is amazing. You can put this lipstick on with no prep and end up with full, luscious color.

The other really awesome thing about this lipstick is that you can sheer it out to a tint, or layer it for full color. I absolutely love it. You can find out more about Marc Jacobs Lip Gel (lipstick) in Showstopper HERE.


3 Replies to “Lip Service: Marc Jacobs Lipstick (Showstopper)”

    1. I’m sorry to hear that! 😦 There are a ton of other reds to choose from, from different brands though. So the good news is, you can still get ‘showstopper’ lips from a formula that better agrees with you!

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