Skin Regime: The Final Photo & A Giveaway

So, I promised to bare all after my Skin Regime was complete.

So this is me… underneath it all. There is still some discoloration along the right side of my face (problem area) from past breakouts. The scarring was pretty deep after the infamous Glutathione experiment. It’ll likely take a few more peels to get rid of them completely. But the left side of my face and my forehead are clear.

I did this program for 12 weeks, peeling every week to 10 days. I kept my skin care routine insanely simple (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing), spending the only real money on my favorite eye cream (Sisleya Eye & Lip Contour).

Wearing makeup is a breeze. Medium coverage foundation looks full… and I don’t wear full coverage anything anymore. Mostly, it’s just tinted moisturizer as a base, and whatever else I’ve decided to wear that day.

As promised, I am doing a giveaway for the Skin Regime book… and a sample peel! Like any other giveaway, you have to follow the blog to qualify.

Leaving your email address in the comments section helps tremendously.



6 Replies to “Skin Regime: The Final Photo & A Giveaway”

  1. Since reading your initial skin boot camp post, I’ve started using a glycolic acid peel and love the results. I wanted to try the peel that you’re offering but it was sold out on amazon. My facial skin is clear mist days but struggle with breakouts elsewhere. So I know the skin struggle. Lol. I’d love an opportunity to try the peel and read the book.

    meka72 at gmail dot com

    1. Remember how red and irritated my skin was Meka? That’s all changed now. That peel is a wonder. I really love my skin, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt like that about it before. It’s been a constant struggle, for decades. Now skin care and makeup is a breeze. I no longer spend a bunch of time covering up imperfections. Even the light scarring on the right side of my face is easily evened out with just a tinted moisturizer. Those scars used to be BLACK. Now they’re a medium shade of brown. A few more peels and I expect them to be completely gone. 🙂

  2. It worked beautifully Francesca. My before pictures are on this blog as well if you want to see the progression under ‘Skin Regime’. You’re entered into the giveaway! Thanks!

  3. Shahada, these are joyful results! I’m glad you have found something that makes your skin almost as beautiful as your spirit. Finally. You deserve this.
    [I follow you via Bloglovin’, Facebook, and Twitter. hermano (dot) buster (dot) bluth (at) gmail (dot) com]

    1. I’m blessed to have relatively clear skin. However (oh girls usually have a “however”!) nothing I’ve tried topically has reduced the hyperpigmentation from sun exposure on my cheekbones. I have a few dark spots here and there from breakouts, but it’s my “age spots” that bug me. I hope this regime can help me. xo

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