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Eye Adore: Chanel Eyeshadow Palette (Charming)

While other Holiday Collections are going all Shimmer & Shine (I’m looking at you Dior), Chanel opted for a more ‘subtle’ interpretation of the season. It’s a throwback to simpler times, when Chanel wasn’t fighting to keep up, and didn’t feel the need to douse EVERYTHING in sparkles and glitter for the Holidays. *I’m STILL recovering from that Feerie loose powder. Pink Glitter everywhere… ugh.*

Case in point: The  new Eyeshadow quint in Charming.

There is nothing obnoxious about this quint. In fact, I’ve heard many complain that it’s too subtle. I disagree. I am over the moon at the fact that there are more satins and mattes, and only ‘one’ complimentary shimmer. And the shadows are so silky, that not only is the pigmentation ridiculously high, there is NO fallout. Brilliant.

The first photo is without flash (which better reflects the true color of the shadows), and the second is with flash (the purple color on the end is not even remotely that pale in real life, under natural lighting).

Love the quilted pattern. Makes the eyeshadows look as soft and lush as they feel. The quality of these shadows is really unmatched. It’s often a challenge to get matte colors right. Chanel seems to have found the magic formula.

Do not be fooled by the second swatch from the left. The color is my flesh tone, so it just had an interesting time trying to show up on my skin. The last shade on the right is more of a matte eggplant… there are definitely some purple undertones. This is a refreshing change for Chanel, whose purples and plums tend to be a bit more vibrant, and less ‘dirty’ in hue. I love it.

The Charming Quint is limited edition, expensive ($80), and currently available on the Nordstrom website.

Pretty Read: Glitter & Glam (Melanie Mills)

Makeup books come and go. Some of them are practical… most of them are not. So as you turn the the pages and discover one epic look after another, there is typically no practical instruction to accompany the amazing pictures (which can often be airbrushed into oblivion). So at the end of the day, you’re left with a pretty picture book.

*Oh how I miss Kevyn Aucoin…*

But Melanie Mills is hoping to change that. The award-winning artist recently released a book that is as colorful as it is instructive. Glitter & Glam showcases some of Melanie’s favorite makeup looks, with step by step instructions on how to take your face from flat to fabulous.

First, a personal note about this author. Can I just say that she is one of the most effervescent, truly sweet artists that I’ve come across. She was all smiles as she explained the concept (and the process) of this book. She literally ‘glitters’ from head to toe. Considering the fact that she’s also the mastermind behind her Gleam body makeup line, it’s safe to say that Melanie Mills never met a shimmer she didn’t love.

The book features dancers, actors, and singers from Dancing With The Stars, on which Melanie was head of the makeup department for a number of years. She developed the original Gleam body makeup for the show (a formula of which I am a TRUE believer), because it gave the dancers a flawless ‘glow’ without transferring to their clothes or sweating off.

Now, here’s what I love about this book. The beginning outlines a basic ‘kit’ that you’ll need to achieve any of the looks. All of the items are pretty practical, and dupes can easily be found for just about anything Mills calls for in the book. As you take in each ‘look’ — there’s a provided list of products, from your ‘kit’ that you’ll need to get the job done. Easy peasy.

This is a pretty easy read. The book is as excitable and unpretentious as Mills, and you can kind of ‘feel’ her enthusiasm about makeup as you turn the pages. Mills truly loves her craft, and is willing to go to great lengths to get the perfect ‘look.’

I had fun turning these pages. You can find out more about Glitter & Glam HERE.


Shahada Karim: Zombie Killer



Growing up is for grownups, and well… I’m not one. ;-). Now this is not to say that I don’t enjoy grown up things, because I do. But I reserve the right to tap into my inner child at a moment’s notice, and let all the rigidity and judgement and worry about how things appear to others fall aside, and let the wild haired little GI Jane come out to play.

So when hubby and I discovered a ‘Zombie Shoot’ … there was no questioning whether we’d go.

So I geared up… from top to tail and headed out to the TAC CITY warehouse for a little target practice. They set you up in a squad of 8, give you your mission and your gun, and send you into a dark warehouse that’s been set up like a maze. Inside, you clear corners of zombies (yes, you get to shoot them with your pellet gun), protect your objective (a scientist who insists on wandering off and making as much noise as  he can to attract the zombies), and stay alive.

zombieshootHere we are in the holding area, before getting called in. See how we’re all smiles? Yeah, that’s before we got dumped in the warehouse and had to survive! There are zombies EVERYWHERE… even on the way from the holding area to the Green Zone (where you receive orders). And here’s the kicker: some of the zombies are KIDS (I’m not sure how safe that is), and those little suckers come running at you and growling, and you gotta dodge ’em and keep running!


Yeah, we’re cool. Deal with it.


This is what we looked like after the second mission… EXHAUSTED! There’s a lot of running and tiptoeing and sidestepping (I dodged an ax weilding zombie… WHO SWUNG AT ME… twice!), and you gotta say ALERT. Those suckers come out of corners and try to bite (read: rip off the glow-in-the-dark antidote that hangs from your uniform) you at every turn.

Three hours and four missions later… I was SPENT. I got bit once, while trying to protect the objective. Hubby got bit twice. But in his defense, it was because he sacrificed his life to save the team leader. We had a ball. It was as awesome as I thought it would be, and a lot more physical than I’d anticipated. But it was worth every second.

Afterwards, we trudged home and I promptly fell into bed and slept until I woke up.

Here’s to ADVENTURE. May there never be time when I feel the need to set aside childish things.

Best Foot Forward: New Kicks!

It’s that time again. I noticed my baby right toe sticking out of the side of my sneaker during yesterday’s run. I guess that’s a sign that it’s time to replace them. I’m a Mizuno die-hard, so I headed right over to the website to get a pair of Wave Prophecy (my favorite at the moment), hopefully in a color that won’t scare small children.

These were my first choice:

Awesome, right? I know. I love them.

But when I check the Mizuno site, there are only two colors available… neither of which is the color that I want, and both of which are completely hideous. So I choose the least offensive color combination, and select my size:



Boo! I start digging around the internet for an alternative. Surely someone must have these sneakers?

Amazon: SOLD OUT

Zappos: SOLD OUT

I even go to ebay. Yes, friggin’ EBAY. No dice. The one pair I find on ebay, in the color that I actually want, is being sold by a seller with so much negative feedback that it’s not even worth a gander.

Gah! This sucks.

I finally do an internet wide search with a generic description. My sneakers come up. Yay! Foot Locker. I head to their website…


Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. 😦

I pick up the phone and start making phone calls. I’m GETTING these sneakers dammit. I finally locate a store that says they don’t have them in house, but can order them.

Mizuno Womens Wave Prophecy 2 Running Shoes Black


I break a couple of speeding laws and head over there. They have two others the same style but in those horrid colors on the Mizuno site, and I try them on to be sure they fit (of course they do), but hold out for my black beauties. I order them, they give me a receipt a mile long, and now I have to just be patient until they here. Meanwhile, I have to not push my current pair so hard (they are chock full of holes at this point), during the workouts.

The new kicks will allegedly be here by next Thursday.

I can’t wait.

Lip Service: Marc Jacobs Lipstick (Showstopper)

‘Tis the season for rich, bold colors… especially in the lipstick department. Marc Jacobs got the the Holiday Party started a little early this year, with the introduction of a beautiful red shade, appropriately named Showstopper. Instead of the classic black tube, this special edition lip color comes in a shiny candy red tube. Very ‘holidayesque.’

Like all the Marc Jacobs lipsticks, the hydration level in this little tube is amazing. You can put this lipstick on with no prep and end up with full, luscious color.

The other really awesome thing about this lipstick is that you can sheer it out to a tint, or layer it for full color. I absolutely love it. You can find out more about Marc Jacobs Lip Gel (lipstick) in Showstopper HERE.


Flawless Finish: Ardency Inn Custom Coverage Concentrate

This really ought to be a pro product. Ardency Inn Custom Coverage Concentrate allows you to make tinted moisturizer, foundation, and even concealer to perfectly match your skin tone. It’s pure water-based pigment, and it works like a charm.

All you need is a drop to get the job done. The key is to match your skin tone perfectly.

This stuff LOVES my oily skin. And I’ve mixed a little moisturizer in it to use on drier skin types. Really good stuff. I am so going to need one of these in every color.

You can find out more about Ardency Inn Custom Coverage HERE.

FOTD: Chanel Inititation

I dug into my subpar (but functional) pot of Initiation to see what it might do…


Dior AirFlash CC Cream

Dolce & Gabanna The Foundation (Soft Tan)

Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder in Golden Orange

Chanel Blush in Accent


Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Initiation (lids)

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Rich Chocolate (outer lids/under waterline)

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Bone (browbone)

Guerlain Retractable Eye Kohl in #1 (Gold)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


Chanel Lip Pencil in Nude

YSL Lipstick in Ochre Rose

Professional Grade: Endura FACE-OFF Event

I got a random email about an event with a Special FX company called Endura… did I want to go? Sure. I watched the first season of Face-Off and love the idea of otherworldly creation… so I responded. And they sent me an application. And I responded. And I got a phone call for confirmation. Then another phone call for confirmation. Ummm… okay. Eventually, the event day arrived… and I decided that today was as good a day as any to break in the Chantecaille Wild Horses Palette.


Dolce & Gabanna The Foundation (Soft Tan)

Koh Gen Do Loose Powder

Chantecaille Wild Horses Palette: Blush in Freedom


Chantecaille Wild Horses Palette:

Palomino (beige) on browbowne

Mustang (brown) on lids

Black Stallion (black) on outer lashline, outer crease and under outer waterline

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


Hourglass Nudes in #5

Then I headed over to Naimies to see what was what:

See the book. Love the book. Pictures of the content of the book will be up later. 😀

The event turned out to be interesting and fun. I’m definitely looking forward to playing with Endura Makeup.

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