Eye Adore: Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette

Just in time for the Autumn Season, Bobbi Brown released a palette of their most wearable ‘warm neutral’ eyeshadows. Appropriately named ‘Rich Chocolate’ (and featuring the equally appropriate Katie Holmes. I swear she’s the best face to happen to this brand), it brings together some of the ‘most used’ hues in a single palette.

The casing is a flat plastic brown. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It looks a little ‘cheap’ (and this palette is not cheap). I would have preferred the metallic casing they used for the smoky palette many moons ago, or even the standard black. This case appears to nearly be a juvenile afterthought, which is unfortunate.

From the left: Bone, Stone, Frappe, Caramel, Champagne Truffle, Cocoa, and Rich Chocolate.

Swatching was… interesting. The color payoff of these shadows is decent, but because the undertones are ‘warm’ I had a hard time getting them to really show up on my warm skin tone. Plus, a note should be made about the glitter shade. You need a primer (or to wet it) to get it to show up. Otherwise, you get a dry swatch that is basically clear with a couple of sparkles in it. This shadow is definitely meant to be used with the Bobbi Brown primer associated with it.

Although these swatches damn near match my skintone, it should be noted that because of their warm overall tone, they are incredibly flattering on me. There’s not a bad color in this palette, as far as my face is concerned. It’s a fantastic warm neutral palette, and if you’re in the market for such a thing… I definitely recommend it.

You can find out more about Bobbi Brown’s Rich Chocolate Palette HERE.

4 Replies to “Eye Adore: Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette”

    1. The Urban Decay version has more colors, and there are more shimmers. Plus, the colors are more diverse. This palette strictly adheres to the ‘chocolate’ theme, and there is only one sparkle and one shimmer color. You’ll get more neutral use out of this palette, because it imitates skin so well. But if you want diversity in colors and textures, then the Urban Decay palette would be a better choice.

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