Leg Up: Focus on the Quadricep

You see these legs? These legs RIGHT HERE? I want these legs. Everyone talks about Jennifer Lopez’ derriere like it’s the first time something like that has occurred on the backside of a body… but it’s the legs man. The LEGS. And what I’ve found is, in order to get those legs, you have to pay attention to every part of the leg.

So I squat, and I lunge, and I run… but my quads don’t look like that. Know why? Because I almost NEVER focus on them. I realized that one day when I noticed my husband’s quads looking incredibly defined and began to lament my own. He informed me that it’s probably because I don’t pay attention to them.

He’s right. I don’t. So I’ve started.

As antiquated as this thing is… it actually works. I started concentrating on my quads about two weeks ago (swapping out some of my regular leg exercises for this one), and besides incredible soreness… there’s some actual change happening!

I’m also doing this:

…and this:

Pain! But effective. I’m keeping the weights very light (I still need to use my legs to WALK), and so far it’s been decent. My legs hurt though. I’m not gonna lie. I got out of bed this morning and had to stifle a yell. Thank goodness for yoga because I can see this is going to take some doing.

I want to see some difference in these quads! So I’m working… HARD. Now… if I start having issues with the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, I may have to rethink this thing.

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