Walking Tall

It’s about time to shake things up with the old workout. Last week, I saw a Power Yoga colleague walking on the treadmill at a ridiculous angle… like 21% grade. I don’t normally ‘walk’ because… well… I run. But there is definite benefit to walking, particularly at an angle. I’ve just never seen anyone walk on SUCH and angle. And I’m talking ‘no hands’ (I’m not into holding on anyway… it’s counter-intuitive. Besides, what’s the point? There are no railings as such in nature, and you’d not be able to hold on if  you were hiking. Just saying). It was brilliant.

So of course I had to try it. First of all… 21% was freakin’ high for me. Damn near died. I was walking at 3.5… had to bust that sucker down to 3.0 just to get my  breath! But that was last week. 😀

This is the demonic machine that I use to get the job done. This thing is NO JOKE.

Today, I can walk at 4.0… with a 21% incline. Practice… right? My goal is to run after I really get the hang of this. I’m working on it. But I’d be lying if I told you it’s not taking the LIFE outta me… whew! I’m working on expanding my lung capacity. This will be my cardio for at least the next few weeks. So far, so very very good.

Benefits include absolute tightening and shrinkage in the thigh area. My quads and hamstrings are telling me a ‘story!’ But I can see the difference after just a few days. This is proof positive that you have to keep variety in your workouts. As much as I run, I’m sure my body is used to the movement and decided at some point to stop responding. So I’m stepping away for a bit, walking tall, and planning to go back to the run at a later date.

Now, there’s some debate on the benefit of walking at this incline since you’re on an ever moving ‘belt.’ Naysayers will have you believe that this is not as effective as hiking. Here’s what I can tell you: it’s not the SAME as hiking. But to say that they are different, is not to say that one is better than the other. This crap is HARD. And I hike… so yeah. This is kicking my WHOLE ENTIRE BUTT. I’m sweating from every pore and winded like nobody’s business. So if you think it’s somehow easier, I invite you to join me on the treadmill next door. 😉

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