Lip Service: MAC Retro Matte

MAC released a series of matte pencils and lipsticks that … with the exception of one lip-liner, are all permanent. That means… no feeding frenzy of ‘collectors’ who absolutely MUST have six of every color. There’s enough for everyone. And when they run out, they’ll just make more. 😉

There are 8 lipsticks, and 8 lip liners. The limited edition liner, Fashion Boost, is most likely a must have for MAC fans. I imagine that when it’s gone, it’ll be gone forever… or until MAC repromotes it at some future date.

I ended up with two Lipsticks (Flat Out Fabulous and Fixed On Drama), and the Fashion Boost Lip Liner.

Flat Out Fabulous:

Fixed On Drama:

Fashion Boost Lip Pencil:

To say that the lipsticks are highly pigmented is an understatement. Like Ruby Woo (the original… and also present in this collection), the lipsticks wear a true matte, and can actually be layered for intensity. I used Lisa Eldridge’s tip of patting it on with my finger for a ‘stain’ recently, and it worked wonderfully.

I’ve seen Fashion Boost Lip Pencil compared to MAC Heroine (which sold out in a ridiculously short amount of time), and I have to say… it’s pretty darn close. So if you missed out on Heroine (I did), then you  might want to get this one as an alternative.

MAC Retro Mattes are currently on sale on the MAC website.

12 Replies to “Lip Service: MAC Retro Matte”

  1. Fixed on Fabulous looks so much better on your lips than in the tube. Might have to check it out afterall. I’m really glad that MAC made these permanent, the false hype that surrounds their never-ending collections is a total turn-off for me.

  2. I picked up the exact same items!! I was scared of Dangerous, so I left it behind. But I still stare at it in the store whenever I go there.

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