Tesla Take the Wheel…

This is my next car. There is absolutely no negotiating this fact. I’ve known that the Tesla Model S would be my main mode of transport for years… ever since I first laid eyes on the prototype. Hubby had a thing for the roadster (and was devastated when they stopped making them), but I have always ever been in love with this electric wonder.

There is some buzz about a new ‘Model E’ coming out …. and we’re anticipating the arrival of the Model X (SUV). Maybe he can channel his inner eco-warrior with that one.

I love the Model S for a billion reasons… most important being that I’ll never have to visit a gas station again. No more crap about speculation and some war in some ridiculously remote country that’s got gas shooting up to ‘how much can we squeeze out of of the driver’ dollars and cents. I’m over it. Whatever. Big Oil can kiss my proverbial… you know exactly what I mean. There are more important things to spend my money on. Seriously.

Plus, the Model S is GORGEOUS. I mean, look at it! It’s like a Maserati without the gas guzzling capacity. And I can channel my inner Earth Goddess too, and feel good about driving this thing? Win Win.

I was impressed when I first saw (and sat in) the prototype years ago. Now, the more I read… the more impressed I am (if that’s even possible). Safest car on the road and all that jazz. Plus, the naysayers are going NUTS. That’s always fun. I want to know just how many knots folks are going to try to tie themselves up in, over hatred of this car. Instead of spewing so much crap, just buy a Hummer (do people even drive those anymore?) and use a gallon of gas to get to the end of the street. 😉 We promise not to judge… much.

Dear Model S… one day very soon you are coming home with me. And I shall love you and care for you and your name shall be…

Well, I’m still working on that.

You can find out more about the Tesla Model S HERE.

7 Replies to “Tesla Take the Wheel…”

  1. YES. I don’t drive for a few reasons, but if I did, I would buy an electric car. It’s so ridiculous in this day and age that most of the driving population relies on gas/diesel. PAH. It’s all big oil, meanwhile our planet is in havoc and not letting up until we make changes. I don’t blame people who drive traditional cars as they tend to be cheaper and more widely available (as far as I know — correct me if I’m wrong), but the companies need to wake up and stop being so selfish.

    ..heh, sorry for the rant. Good on you though!

  2. I saw two of these on the road on my way to work about a week ago, on two different highways. They had dealer plates on so it made me think it was a marketing strategy, driving them on highways during rush-hour to get the word out. it worked…. I want one too!

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