Product Review: Laura Mercier Wet/Dry Shadow in Magical

I came across this hybrid curiosity recently, while browsing the latest and greatest from Laura Mercier. I thought I’d seen all of the wet/dry shadows from this brand. Apparently not.

The shadow is a mix a metallic silvery-white and an iridescent black. I tried to separate the two with a brush… but no dice. The shadows are really meant to be mixed… or there’s enough white in the pan to use it alone.



Swatched dry, the shadow is pretty intense on its own. Wet, the colors should be even more intense… right? Wrong.

Not only is the swatch weaker, but it completely seals the product. Not good. No way this is a true wet/dry shadow. To make the shadow useable again, I had to scratch away the sealed part, and completely ruined the pattern.

I’ll have to put this down as a miss as a wet/dry shadow. It’s a great concept in theory, but does not translate well to reality. The colors will blend beautifully as a dry shadow… but wet it completely misses the mark.

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