Miracle Worker: Ginger Root


I have a confession: I am wholly, totally, and completely addicted to Ginger Root. I use it in and for just about everything these days. I take a straight Ginger Shot (juiced Ginger Root) almost nightly, sprinkle a bit in soups and over salads, and add a shot of it to juice blends to give it a little kick.

I started taking ginger regularly for immunity-boosting … but quickly became fond of the taste and sweat-inducing burn it provides. One of my dearest friends got me into it, while teaching me how to juice fruits and veggies. I quickly developed a taste for it.


What I love about it is how FAST it works. One of my family members had strep throat… which immediately sent the rest of us into a panic. Within 24 hours of contact with him, i got that distinct ache and ‘tickle’ in my throat … you know the one that tells you something is about to infect your body in the worst possible way. I immediately made a ginger shot (and hit it with a shot of cayenne), and took it before I went to bed. The next day, the tickle was gone, and I never got sick.


I discovered Ginger Powder (specifically, Wakaya Organic Ginger Powder) while poking around Space NK. It has the same properties (and is a bit ‘damp’ to the touch… like it’s just been pressed and is not completely dry), and is a lot more convenient to use. I use this to sprinkle in teas or soups… or take alone (washed down with water) for a daily immunity boost.

I also use it in skin care (I’ve blended it to make a fantastic ginger fragrance, and added it to shower gels, lotions, balms and body scrubs), and find that it leaves my skin tight and tingly… and smelling sweet and a little spicy. I love it.

I now swear by Ginger Root. I’ve not found any adverse side effects (unless you count a boosted metabolism as an adverse side effect) with my body, and I feel like I’m operating a peak capacity. Ginger Root works for me. I don’t know that it’ll work for everyone, but my personal experience has been extremely positive.

You can find out more about the benefits of Ginger Root HERE.

4 Replies to “Miracle Worker: Ginger Root”

  1. Great post! I never thought about using it in my skin care. I should give it a try!!!

    Ginger Root is also pretty good, when you have menstrual cramps and drink it as a tea. Yum!

  2. I make a honey ginger tea when I feel a tickle in my throat. It seems to help. This post makes me think I should look into incorporating fresh ginger into my regular diet.

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