Score! All Saints Masson Blazer

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There’s nothing like a good score! I’m ever on the hunt for the best … stuff, for the least amount of money. One of my favorite places to browse is a thrift/consignment shop called Wasteland. Amid the piles and piles and PILES of stuff that – at first glance – appears to be another one’s trash… there are genuine treasures to be had.

wasteland store

My latest trip to Wasteland nearly seemed like a total waste of time, until about five minutes before I was leaving. It’s hot as Hades right now, but I’m ever looking ahead to the next season. I wanted a  classic blazer/jacket that I could do more than a few things with (like toss over dresses, or slacks, or skirts… or whatever).

I was nearly ready to give up… and then I found this smashed between two nondescript sweaters:

All Saints Blazer

UK8 (US 2)…  perfect condition… $50! I tried it on (All Saints can be a bit narrow in the shoulders for me) to be sure it fit… then I took it right up to the cashier.

I love a good fashion find at a great price! The good news is, Wasteland isn’t just scattered about cities in Southern California. They’re also online!

You can check them out at

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