FOTD: Marc Jacobs

Now, before I get on with the business of the FOTD, let me give a closer look at the products I used. I finally got to dig into the Marc Jacobs Foundation and I have to say that so far… I’m a fan. The super thin formula is best applied for me  using fingers. I find that the brush ate a lot of product, and I did a better job of ‘massaging the formula’ (it tends to bond to the skin like MAC Face & Body) into my skin.

My color is Cocoa Light. I strongly suggest you try these foundations in person before committing because the range is … interesting. Beige looks more like ‘grey’ — but then swatches an actual beige in real life. Golden (which you’d think would be my color range) is more like Golden Beige… even the darkest shade (which is confusingly ‘golden medium’ , NOT ‘golden dark’. I tested this theory multiple times and Golden Medium is definitely richer in color and slightly darker than Golden Dark). Cocoa initially looked to me to be a flat ‘brown’ variation, but I found that under stronger lights (camera flash… or outdoors in sunlight) it magically picked out my yellow undertones nicely.

I’ll give the flash on the camera credit for picking up that warmth. In weak light… the color looked very flat and a dullish  brown to me.

As you can see, the formula is very thin. It goes on sheer, but can be built to a medium coverage. This formula is FANTASTIC on my oily skin. I’m not so sure this will work as well on drier skin types. The ‘gel’ formula literally absorbs oil on my face. I was really surprised at this. It reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked Foundation… with more of a ‘skin-like’ finish. UD went matte on me, and really made my skin dry (which is so weird, considering how oily I am). This absorbs oil, but wears weightlessly.
For this FOTD, I also used the concealer pen in 00, and the ‘invisible’ brow tamer.

The pen is ‘click action’ , to dispense as little or as much product as you need. The formula is very dense; I found that ‘half’ a click (without fully depressing the clicker at the bottom) was plenty of product for both eyes.

Number 00 is a perfectly balanced neutral yellow tone. At first I thought it would be too ‘ashy’ — but it warms up if you use the smallest amount of product. A little bit goes a very long way.

 The interesting thing about the brow tamer is the brush. The bristles are dense and clumped together, not separated as you’d find with a typical brow (or mascara) product. This feature dispenses more product in the smallest places, and combs through every single hair. However, I would not recommend this product for people with sparse or thinner shaped brows because I noticed that the density of the brush means there is no ‘illusion’ of building thicker brows with this product. It does not lift and separate the brow hairs as say… the Anastasia version would.
See how dense that brush is?
Now, to the FOTD:
Marc Jacobs ‘Genius Gel’ Super Charged Foundation (Cocoa Light)
Marc Jacobs ‘Remedy’ Concealer Pen (Stand Corrected)
Marc Jacobs Brow Tamer (Invisible)
Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder (Golden Orange)
MAC Blush (Barefaced)
Sauce Box ‘Creme de la Creme’ Palette:
Shimmer Taupe on lids
Black on outer lashline and under waterline
Guerlain Kohl Me Kajal on waterline and tightline
Volume de Chanel Mascara
Ardency Inn Natural Color Lip Pencil (Essex)
*Marc Jacobs products provided as pr samples

11 Replies to “FOTD: Marc Jacobs”

  1. I'm laughing right now because as I was looking at your FOTD I was thinking I need to ask if you've heard of Ardency Inn because of the lip color you're wearing. I scroll down and you're wearing it! I bought the same pencil last week I think and I love it. I'd never heard of that brand before, but I want to explore it more. Great FOTD, by the way.

  2. HA! I love that lip pencil. I'm going to do a full review on the brand for Agenda Magazine… and thought that pencil was a nice addition for the blog. I love that they have every shade of 'NUDE.' Have you seen the color correctors? GENIUS! I need them to offer a pro discount, so I can get every color… mmm hmm. LOL

  3. I tried out the MJ foundation today and I'm likewise happy with it. It's funny, because my skin runs dry in the winter, but this is perfect for me at this time of year. Also curious to know your thoughts on Ardency Inn, since I stumbled across them at Sephora (actually on their web site, then in person at the store). Seems like a fun range.

  4. I'd love to hear how it performs long term on drier skin Kate. I'm very oily, and I'm totally blown away by how well it controls oil while still looking like 'skin.' I love how thin and comfortable the formula is.Ardency Inn is such a fun brand!I'm not a fan of the mascara (it's GREY… WTH?), but the smudge shadow and eyeliner look great. And I LOVE those lip colors. My hands down favorite has to be those 'correcting' formulas though. I want every one!

  5. Thank you! The products I've reviewed are the only ones that I have. I didn't really see much that I liked in terms of eye and cheek colors (they don't seem to hold up very well in terms of pigmentation and wear), and the lip glosses are okay. I'll have to head over to Sephora and take a really good look at them. I do like that nail polish in Oui. I think I'll have to buy that one.

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