Eye Adore: Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows (Autumn 2013)

I’ve been trying to wait for the entire collection to review these, but the last two are taking their sweet time getting to me, so I’ll show you what I have so far. The Kaledescope Collection looks a lot more like Spring to me… but it seems the way of things of late (I recall a Chanel Spring Collection that looked better suited to Autumn, so there ya go).

I have four of the six (?) Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows. They remain my favorite ‘cream’ formulation, far surpassing formulas from Chanel, Lancome, and the like. Even Shiseido can’t hold a candle to these formulas. I also got the new Rouge d’ Armani lipstick in 300 (which remains my ever favorite shade from Armani). I have the sheer version in 300. But the Rouge d’ Armani formula (with a proven 9 hours of wear on these lips of mine) makes it so much better.

From the Left:
Rose Popilla
June Beetle
#300 (lipstick)
Scarab Violetta
Silver Chaffer
I’ll start with the lipstick:
Same fantastic formula as all of the other Rouge d’ Armani lipsticks. It really grabs the lips and holds on beautifully.
Rose Popilla:
June Beetle:
Scarab Violetta:
Silver Chaffer:

I’m missing Gold Hercule (which is coming in the post), and some mystery gold color that someone sent a picture of… I’m not sure what it is. Like all Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows, these best respond to application with fingers. I love to use my fingers to apply, and a soft brush to blend them out as needed. I swatched one layer with my fingers. You can layer these colors for a deeper result… and layer them over or under powder shadows for all manner of variations.

I love them… I do wish the colors had been a little deeper for Autumn, but overall they are completely gorgeous.
You can find out more about Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows HERE.

4 Replies to “Eye Adore: Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows (Autumn 2013)”

  1. It's funny, because from the photos I've seen, I agree that the shadows (including the palettes) are very spring-like, but the lipsticks are more autumnal- a lot of the lip colours are darker/ brighter. Of course, I don't care that the collection doesn't fit entirely together because the products are sooooo beautiful. Rose Popilla and Scarab Violetta are coming home with me for certain. I hadn't considered RdA #300, but you're making me think I need it! Beautiful swatches, as always.

  2. Thank you Kate! I love the formula of ETK… really they just blow the competition right out of the water. I don't even care that the colors aren't deep. LOL I'll just use them right through Spring without a care in the world. Plus, you can pair them with black, brown, and dark grey shadows and contouring (which I will demonstrate in upcoming FOTD's) to make them a little more seasonal.I LOVE #300. The formula is so insanely good, and you know I never met an orangey color that I didn't love! LOL

  3. Can you share thoughts on the Eye/Blush Palettes from this collection? I am so glad i found your blog. I love that I can see high end makeup on such a lovely face. I will be getting #300 to add to my Armani lipstick collection

  4. Hi! I'm so glad you found the blog. 🙂 The Eye/Blush Palettes are lovely. I just chose not to get them this time around. They are pigmented, and wear well for long periods of time without oxidation or creasing. However, I tend to pass on them unless the colors are very strong and/or unique (I fell in love with the 2012 versions), because I simply don't use them that often. Shimmer blues and greens (as featured in these palettes) don't get enough love from me to justify adding them. But I'll never pass up and Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadow. They're simply too amazing to let slide by. 🙂

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