Professional Grade: SuperWoman

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Natascha Hopkins. She’s an actress/stuntwoman who regularly doubles for the likes of :

I think she’s a dead ringer for Zoe, and I can see that she can easily do ‘movement’ replacement for Kerry and Jada. For the shoot, we kept  an ‘athletic couture’ vibe, and took her makeup from ‘soft’ and unfocused… to bold and messy.

We started here… with soft shades of lilac and lavender… and kept the look cool throughout, and added just a little bit of definition under the eyes for effect. For the first look I kept the base sheer because I really wanted her beautiful freckles to show through.

We kept ‘building’ on the look on location… adding more smoke around the eyes, and warming up the colors on the lips and cheeks with peaches, golds, apricots and orange.

Finally we went ‘full on’ with full coverage makeup, completely blacked out eyes, false lashes, major contour and red lips.

Natascha was a such a pro. I had the best time putting on her makeup and watching her work. It’s easy to see why she stays so busy in entertainment… she is truly a joy to work with.

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